Australian Wild Birds

Australia is known to have  varieties of wild birds, that rank amongst the best in the world.

Here are some of the exquisite birds that visit our garden and give us great joy.
We live in Sydney, Australia, on the north side of the Sydney Harbour bridge.


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We have six of these 'cute ducktail' like Kookaburras, arriving when they see us in the kitchen. They sit on the branches of the majestic Eucalyptus tree that is in front of our tiny courtyard garden, and  wait patiently for us to give them a titbit.Four of them take food from our hands. They have a distinct 'laughing' sound and hence have been dubbed 'laughing kookaburras'.

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Eastern Rosella

Here is another colourful bird that sounds like a budgie. These birds eat seeds and insects.

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The Lorikeet is a cheeky, colourful and sometimes overpowering yet totally lovable bird. It appears to be fearless and befriends humans all too readily. We feed them apple, sunflower seed and a nectar mix.

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King Parrot (adult male)

A pair of these beautiful parrots used to eat out of our hands in our first home. We are waiting for another pair to find our garden and feel safe enough to eat there.

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