Dorrigo by Hugo van Staden

There is a place high above the rocks and trees
A place so special -
A cool and gentle breeze
Beckons you to sit against
The smooth bark of a silent giant,
And gaze across unending hills towards the sea.
As mist and clouds caress
And sunlight dreams through the haze -
You feel that cord of One within
And One with all around -
A harmony and peace in this moment
When time stands still;
To linger thus and not to go
From this New England Paradise
Is a wrench you do not want to know.
This place, this sanctuary, that is Dorrigo
A gift from God for us to share -
Its pulsing beauty like a maiden fair
Beckons you from afar
And each year you do this pilgrimage,
Perchance to dream
That God’s blessing in this place
Will sometime maybe softly touch your face
Here where waterfalls cascade
And rainbows smile at you
Here where time is timeless
Here in Dorrigo

Hugo van Staden
Copyright 1999, All rights reserved,

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