A Guide - word lists for games: On my way to school:

Words for 'ch', 'sh' and 'j' game:  a guide

Starting at the house in the top left hand corner
On the way to school I saw a: shark, people shaking hands, chick, change/cash, a person showing something to somebody, people watching a fireworks display, spaceship, some mushrooms, space shuttle, chef, shop, a dog in the shade, jug, fish, champion, church, bridge, dog sleeping...'shhhh', juggler, cherry, the sun shining, an orange, champagne, magic, people chasing/changing/exchanging a baton, ship, people shaking hands, jet, chef, cheese, jelly,
I heard the bell / time for school / should we go inside?

Words for 'l' game: a guide

On the way to school I saw: a man playing golf, a man receiving a letter, a man holding a flag, a clock, a polar bear, whales, an apple, some broccoli, a lemon, a pineapple,
a letter box, a clown, a girl/boy flying a kite, a bull dog, a person laughing, a person
floating, a man lifting weights, a wishing well, a man climbing, tall buildings, a lion, a column, a lock, a pencil, a butterfly, a ladybug/ladybeetle, a fly, a lizard, a slice of pie/tart, a person looking through a telescope, an eagle, a sailing boat, a turtle, an elephant

Words for 's' game: a guide

On my way to school I saw a: seahorse, suitcase, hose, glasses, salt and pepper, astronaut, a slice of chocolate cake, icecream, stapler, singer, strawberries, horse, grasshopper, an ambulance, scientist, spaceman, whirling star, blocks, telescope, screwdriver, scissors, pliers, basket, pencil, scale, books, mask, cross, mouse, a person playing soccer, steps, basket, snowman, dice, pizza, soccerball, dancers

Words for 'r' game: a guide

On my way to school I saw: a  rabbit, a trophy, red arrows, a rainbow, a reindeer, a scarecrow, a rhinocerous, a tractor, strawberries, carrots, an orange truck, a railway track, a train, a runner, a surprised person, a red rose, a carrot, a bear with a tray, traffic lights, a christmas tree, a red book, a parrot, a person with a ribbon, a tree with bare branches, a petrol pump, presents, a prize, a person running on grass throwing petals, a red tick, a crayon

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