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Freida van Staden
Speech-Language Pathology

Links to resources for SLPS

* Freida's Resources

My  thanks to these sites for their reciprocal links:

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* Caroline Bowen's  site and the start page for SLP's is extensive.

There are links for therapy ideas here.

Join the phonological therapy list serve for Speech-Language Pathologists and others interested in phonology.

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* Expressive Communication Help Organization (E.C.H.O.)
  Apraxia Support Group - Toronto, Ontario Canada

This site has links to sites with therapy resources

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* NonVerbal Kids


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* Selctive Mutism Parent -Teacher Resource

Gail Kervatt's MEd. book titled, The Silence Within, is a case study of a sm child with whom she worked.  The child had not spoken in school for 5 years and overcame his disability after seven months of intervention, without the use of medication.

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* Speech Teach

This site has some wonderful resources made by parents Vanessa and Dave.

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* The Ninth International Online Conference on Stuttering,
chaired by Judith Kuster, Minnesota State University, Mankato is on
until October 22, 2006. Access it here:

International Stuttering Awareness Day Online Conference, 2006

"INTERNATIONAL STUTTERING AWARENESS" is everyday. . . We just celebrate it on October 22!

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