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My 1998 SeaDoo GTX - RFI

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Here are two shots of me on my first ski, a 1996 Sea-doo SPX.  I have never seen anyone else perform a submarine maneuver on a sit-down ski.  This was possible because of the variable trim.  In order to accomplish this maneuver I would move the trim down to its farthest position, put my weight as far forward as possible, turn the handle bars full to one side and then grab the throttle and hang on.  As you can see, the entire ski becomes completely submerged.   Naturally I installed a bilge pump to eject all excess water entering the ski.   If you attempt this on a sit-down ski make sure you have installed a bilge pump. Otherwise you will end up ruining your engine by sucking water up into the carbs.   Looks pretty cool huh?  :-)

Nose underComplete submersion

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