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The Great Geri Halliwell

This lady is one of the greatest preformars of all time in my opinion! This page is full of a little bit of info right now but it will add up so, please, always come back!
Full Name: Geraldine Estell Halliwell

Nick Name> (formaly)Ginger Spice
Birthday:August 6, 1972
Birth place:Watford, England
Hair colour:Red (Naturally Brunette)
Eye colour: Blue
Former Occupations: Nude Model, Waitress.
Quote:"I'm a rebel with a cause! I want to stand up and shout. I don't want to put men down, but it's time for some strong females, GIRL POWER!"

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Mer Girl Star (About Geri): This is my site too!
Geri Halliwell: This is my site too!
Geri Shrine: Lots of cool pictures!
We'll miss you Geri!:

A little on the Spice Girls My Say!

With the dropping out of Geri and the expecting of babies from Posh Spice (Victoria Adams soon to be Beckham) and Scary Spice (Melanie Brown) What is left of the Spice Girls? Don't get me wrong I love love the Spice Girls but really! Do Victoria And Mel B. really expect to be able to come back after the have thier babies and give it thier all like they did before? Of course not They are going to want to spend more and more time with thier children. Probaly ending up jus recording albums and not touring! And this leaves Emma and Mel C. Sure they have lots of talents but with the two of them they can't support the name Spice GIRLS. I think Emma and Mel C. should just completly rename themselves the Spice Duo. Its a shame Spice Girls were huge! And they had the potential to keep it going for a long time still but these occurances leave me with the question what WILL become of our beloved Spice Girls?

Lots of Great Pics of Geri!

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