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G-tubes / feeding issues

American College of Gastroenterology includes subjects such as reflux, food intolerance, and intestinal gas.

American Gastroenterological Association provides a breif overview of the different types of GI interventions.

Families with Special Needs Children includes links on feeding issues, preemie issues, and alternative therapies.

Feeding Tips for Preemies offers some good tips for babies.

Finger Feeding a Preemie presented by Parenting Web.

Frequently asked questions about g tubes . An absolutely EXCELLENT site for g tube information in simple terms, written by someone who has been there personally (Allison's mom Denise).

Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease ("GERD") Information Resource Center provides FAQ, article achive, and feedback page.

Gastrostomy Support Site one of the most comprehensive but concise sites we have found including subjects such as child nutrition, adult nutrition, GERD, meal suggestions, online support options, and information on jejunostomy and gastroenterology (created by Allison's mom Denise).

G-tube Support List offers an email support group related to g-tube issues. offers a good site to check on digestive issues as well as a score of other topics.

International Association of Reflux Parents helpful site, includes anti-reflux measures.

Med Web Plus a good site for various medical information.

Preemie Place offers some additional insight into feeding and weight issues.

These links are provided as resources for your information, but should not replace medical advice or consultation. Links are left visible so you may more easily forward the page if you desire, but please give credit where due.

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