Will your Colon Kill You?




FGBullK5.gif (589 bytes)  The # 2 Killer in America is Colon Cancer

FGBullK5.gif (589 bytes)  Nearly Every Disease can be Traced to a Toxic Colon

FGBullK5.gif (589 bytes)  A Toxic Colon Weakens and Stresses the Heart



abox5.gif (4275 bytes) John Wayne's Colon Weighed 80lbs When He Died . . .


abox5.gif (4275 bytes)  The Best Way to Insure That You Will Live A Long,

Healthy Life Is To Keep Your Colon CLEAN . . .


abox5.gif (4275 bytes)  A Toxic Colon Can Cause Pain and Stiffness In The Joints Resulting IN Arthritis . . .

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If you are not eliminating 3 times perday, you suffer from an unhealthy colon.


Few Americans have a Healthy Colon

Most people have a contaminated colon. Dr. William Frazier states, "Its impossible for Americans over the age of 20 to have a healthy colon de to the steady diet of processed, fried, or over cooked foods". Most foods are lacking nutrients and fiber, creating encrusted waste on the walls of the colon. When nutrients cannot feed our cells, tissues, nerves and muscles, we are constantly hungry and overeat, contributing to 70% of Americans being over weight. Disease statistics are increasing; did u=you know, 20 years ago, 1 out of 50 Americans died of cancer, TODAY it's 1 out of 3.



anim_ma4.gif (2863 bytes)  HEART PROBLEMS

anim_ma4.gif (2863 bytes)  ARTHRITIS

anim_ma4.gif (2863 bytes)  WRINKLES

anim_ma4.gif (2863 bytes)  BLADDER PROBLEMS

anim_ma4.gif (2863 bytes)  SENILITY/POOR MEMORY

anim_ma4.gif (2863 bytes)  FATIGUE

anim_ma4.gif (2863 bytes)  SKIN PROBLEMS/ACNE

anim_ma4.gif (2863 bytes)  ASTHMA

anim_ma4.gif (2863 bytes)  BLOATING

anim_ma4.gif (2863 bytes)  BAD TEMPER

anim_ma4.gif (2863 bytes)  EAR PROBLEMS

anim_ma4.gif (2863 bytes)  LIVER DISEASE

anim_ma4.gif (2863 bytes)  CONSTIPATION/DIARRHEA

anim_ma4.gif (2863 bytes)  CATARACTS

anim_ma4.gif (2863 bytes)  FOUL BREATH

anim_ma4.gif (2863 bytes)  COLON GAS

anim_ma4.gif (2863 bytes)  ALLERGIES

anim_ma4.gif (2863 bytes)  ADD/ADHD

Colon care is important for everyone who wants to improve their health.


For Information on Ways to Help Care for your Colon Contact:

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