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H A B I T _ T A T

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You are Welcome at the Habit_Tat !!!

 I hope you enjoy your visit. I have only been tatting since
1988.  I have given away many of the items as presents, and 
some I put away.  Some I hung in the window and they yellowed.
(Learned on that one and fabric stiffener) Wish I had used the
sugar mix and not the glue mix. So, if some items that I share 
seem a little dingy...fabric stiffener, YUK!
 I am just beginning this website today Nov.21,1998. We shall
see where it goes.
 I also have a passion for beads, so I , on many occasion add 
the beads into my tatted designs. Some of the designs you will
see are my originals and some are from old books that I lent out 
and never got back, so not sure where the credit goes. As time
goes by I am sure someone will let me know.
 I have quite a collection of patterns that I designed myself for 
Necklace/Earring sets and will be making available soon. I alsp
am involved in putting kits together for different projects. 
 Please, feel free to comment by signing the guestbook and emailing me.
 I do both shuttle, double shuttle and / Needle tatting.
Thank you for stopping in, Y'all come back now, y'hear?
Donna Marie


This Tatting Webring is owned by:DONNA MARIE OF HABIT-TAT The Habit-Tat.
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Donna Marie

Needle and Shuttle Tatter
United States

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