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Heli Junkies





Hi, I'm Chris ( Aka Nvert), Robbe rep.for Denver Colorado .

Welcome to my page.


As you can see, here I am at Colorado Springs F.F w/ my

Dead Pro2. This is the last I flew an xcell. Now I'm off to more

exciting machines. I will soon have up my decapitated G5000t.

me+dead pro.jpg (315275 bytes)  Click here for more pictures.

Well here I am with doug and we are about to freeze our A@@es

off.     me+doug.jpg (221552 bytes)


new.gif (484 bytes)New Heli Stand.helistand.jpg (239969 bytes)



Proud to fly

   Robbe Schluter

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  The Robbe Schluter List

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Here are some interesting links to some things that I have had my fingers on....

new.gif (484 bytes)NoVa Graphite Frames

Heli Lincs

Pics of freinds

Xcell Graphite SE

Xcell Pro2

JRG5000T Updaded 2/01/01

Dc 60 Heli motor

Soon to come, "Futura Nova" Likes and Dislikes 

New GY502 Flight results coming soon. 

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