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H.o.P.S. Hot Links To Homebrewing

The Beer Essentials- One of the best homebrew suppliers in Washington State, online ordering
Association of Brewers - comprehensive site of brewing resources.
Austin Homebrew Supply's Homebrewing Tips - So, you're tired of drinking the store-bought stuff and are looking for a new hobby?
Backyard Brewery, The - Two tier converted keg brewing system, HERMS (heat exchange recirculating mashing system), gadgets, recipies, links and more...
Beer Mailing List, The - with recipes, instructions, and more for all levels of brewers.
Biermeister's Brewhouse - with recipes, conversion charts, and lingo.
Biohazard Lambic Brewers' Page - A good starting point for information on the brewing of Lambic and other Belgian beers.
Brew 123 - includes recipes and tips, information on supplies and local breweries, and links.
Brew Control Center - dedicated to the art, including history, startup procedures and recipes.
Brew It Yourself - basic recipe and instructions.
Brew Your First Batch of All-Grain Beer - from start to finish how to brew good beer using all-grain extraction methods; get lost in the rich world of all-grain brewing.
Brewer's Hoppy Beer Place - tasting, recipes, links and more.
Brewery, The - comprehensive collection of brewing info. Database of 1,000 recipes. Library of technical articles. Downloadable software.
Brewing Workshop - focused on brewing Alpin Beers.
Brewlabels - devoted entirely to labels for homebrews.
Brewpub, The - beer recipes, chat, etc.
Brews Traveler, The - homebrewing recipes, tips, tricks, and other resources. Includes beer, brewery, and festival reviews, and trip reports.
Chris J. Simental's Beer Page - tips, recipes, and beer information from my years of experience.
Cock's Fine Brews - includes recipes, software and tons of information related to homebrewing.
Cyberbrewer - A few words about the art of homebrewing, a monthly newsletter, and a very good picture of Mark Kline and his manaquin.
Dan's Beer Page
Flip's Homebrew Page
Grape and Granary, The - home brew and wine making supplies.
Herman's Beerpage - providing recipes for some famous Belgian beers.
Home Brew Page, The - education and entertainment for home brewers and wannabes.
Home Brewer's Formulary Poster - poster showing a collection of formulas, charts, graphs and other info used in a typical home brewery.
Home of the Brewmeter - meet the Brewmaster, beer rating form, drinker picture page and more.
Homebrew Experience, The - a place where folks can share the rewards of the craft, where recipes and tips are shared like fine drink.
Jean-Sebastien and Melanie's Homebrewing Page - details of the design of our homebrewery and brewing-related links.
Langley McLean Youth Brewery - what do you get when you combine the world's two greatest institutions: beer and rugby?
Laughing Ass Brewing Company - 50-gallon per year nanobrewery hosts a variety of brewing resources... and be sure to check out the t-shirts.
Lee's Brewery - home brewing equipment, beer recipes, a brew log, a JAVA beer calculator, beer links, ingredient guide and general "how to" information.
Michael's Homebrew Haven - recipe-oriented chronicle of a new homebrewer's experiences.
Mike Dodge's Brew Zone
Mike's House of Homebrew - with recipes and links to other brewing resources.
n8's Homebrewing Beer Pages - contains information on homebrewing, making homebrewing equipment, the process involved and recipes I have brewed.
Netbeer: Beerdrinker's Paradise - articles, newletters, links and directions on how to brew your own real Bavarian Weissbier.
NetWort III from the VVHS - third annual competition of the Virtual Village Homebrew Society. Judging occurs at many locations around the USA, all linked by CompuServe and the internet.
Ninkasi's Guide to Brewing Better Beer - Want to brew better beer? Just take a look at this page on a weekly basis for yet another bunch of tips on making your beer a real prize winner!
Oh Two Dogs Brewery - lots of beer recipes, online newsletter: The Malt Street Journal.
Peter's Beer Obsessions - eclectic collection of homebrew gadgets, tasting notes and more.
Rabbit's Foot Brewery - an intermediate brewer moving on up to all-grain.
Ray's Homebrewing Page - all grain homebrewery based on the recirculating infusion mash system (RIMS).
Rick Calley's Homebrewing Page - check out my 2-tier, 3-converted keg RIMS-like brewing system.
Savage Notes: Beer versus homebrew - Leo Savage, noted pundit, comments on home-brewed beer versus the commercial stuff.
SC-RIMS Homebrewery - provides information on how to build a simple and cheap recirculating infusion mash system.
Seven Pines Homebrewery - recipes, processes, equipment, and more.
Slick Ice Brewers - two homebrewers sharing their experiences with brewing and 'marketing' their homebrewed selections.
Spencer's Beer Page
Steve's Homebrewing Page
Tom Castle's Zen of Homebrewing
Tom's and Vince's Homebrew Site
UK Homebrew - a discussion group for all those interested in brewing British beers and for discussion of matters related to brewing in the UK.
UK Homebrewing - discussion group for all those interested in brewing British beers and for discussion of matters related tobrewing in the UK.
Vic's Homebrew Page - dedicated to those interested in brewing. Includes biography, recipes, resource links, and postings.
Victor Wilburn's Homebrew Heaven - includes homebrewing tips and recipes.
Vince's Beer Page - information pertaining to homebrewing and bar construction using an old refrigerator as a cold box.
Virtual Brewery - recipes, news, brew art and more.
Web Directory: Beer & Brewing - WWW Virtual Library
Usenet - rec.crafts.brewing - The art of making beers and meads.

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