Hank "The Bankman" Gathers

He truly was a great basketball player. He was the last college player to lead the NCAA in both scoring and rebounding, and with Bo Kimble revolutionalized the way college basketball was played. We miss you Bankman. Marc and I will always remember that game versus LSU when they have Shaquille O'Neal, Stanley Roberts and the former Chris Jackson. Man, that was some basketball game. Dick Vitale almost swallowed his tongue. High scoring, high flying, super dunking. All in the name of basketball and fun. I miss that. I think the score was LSU 148 LMU 141. But the score is irrelevant. It was fun. That was entertaining basketball. The fans had fun. The players had fun. Basketball was fun.

Note: Added March 8, 2004. I've received countless e-mails from you out there in cyberspace keeping Hank's memory alive. Thanks for the kind words.

Go visit Hank's alma mater

If you have anything to say about Hank Gathers or Loyola Maramount University under Paul Westhead's leadership, please write me an e-mail. I want to create an homage to my favorite basketball player.

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