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Name= Tamara Fytch

Career Highlight: Managed three consecutive tag teams to

the Federation Tag Team Championship.


At just 24 years of age, New Jersey native Sunny has the

distinction of being one of the most successful managers in the

history of the World Wrestling Federation. This former high

school cheerleader broke into the world of

sports-entertainment as a photographer when she would often

travel around the United States taking photos at various

wrestling events.


After earning a shot in the Federation in early 1995 as a

member of the Body Donnas, this blonde bombshell developed

an insatiable taste for gold, as she guided three consecutive tag

teams (the Body Donnas, the Godwinns and the Smoking

Gunns) to the World Wrestling Federation Tag Team Title.

Another proof positive of her power is that she has been

downloaded more than double that of celebrities Teri Hatcher

and Cindy Margolis on the internet!


No one doubts she is a major force in the World Wrestling

Federation, but the only question is: How many hearts will she

break in the process? Since giving up her manager¹s license,

the Golden Haired Fox has focused her attention on becoming

a star of television, radio and magazines.