Battle History
For the month of november

Note If there is a screen shot it will be linked at the win loose column !


WIN JOTS_12Disciple  39 DJC_Pyro  15 BGJ FF 11/12
Cap your next .!
Oh yes


WIN JOTS_12Disciple  53 BoC_BaGaash   9 OasisFF 11/10
Bwahaha !


WIN JOTS_12Disciple  15 RAW_A_KICKER  5 TowerFF 11/09
Bitch is a bitch aint nuttin but a bitch assed loser... ifyou see his ass on the zone, KICK IT ! ! ! !


WIN JOTS_ScoobyDee  20 nEw_ vertigobot   5 Cargo FF 11/08
Thanks to vertigobot for the game...not his best room so theattempt is appreciated. GG for me ..a little confidence booster. Woof!


TIE JOTS_Valiant,
JOTS_Allies   12
SOD_Crimson   12
BGJ NF 11/07
We were rocking, but then they caught up !


Lost JOTS_ScoobyDee  1 DIC_Wagner 20 Spaceport
OK WTF! Anyways read my smack about this one...sorry i letJOTS down but he was good...very strategic..mines in the rightspot..had the right weapons at thr right time...spaceport is his homeand as a soldier its tough going out in the open after just beingkilled..your very vunerable...anyhow one must take a step backwards totake 2 forwards...


WIN JOTS_ScoobDee  24 KOA_Aki 11
AoS_Moonroach  5
ok so its another soldier win so im not gonna give up justbecause im good...besides there are those out there that can still waxme....this was pretty simple...


WIN JOTS_Valiant  15 Mad Man  8
Thrawn    9
BGJ NF 11/02
Just too sweet !


LOST JOTS_Valiant  2 Mad Man  11
Thrawn    4
Oasis NF 11/02
Nice try val ..


Just too sweet !


WIN JOTS_ScoobyDee  31 Jedi Joe  26 Cargo FF 11/01
This one is worth the post for me since ff isnt my best suit.Joe had like a 5 or 6 kill lead at one point (kept running into damnmines) but somehow i caught up and after a saber-swingin rail-rootinsee-saw battle i gained a five point lead. I had to split at that pointwhich Joe probably didnt like cause it looks like i dished out rightafter i took the lead but i had to split (at least i stuck around to beup by 5 kills) anyways its not the best way to win. A rematch is waiting for him (this time we will set a score limit). But its still awin and a big one for me. Woof


WIN JOTS_ScoobyDee 12 Octcs_Kerxxt  -2
GoNs_Crime  3
Well by now you know that cargo ship is my home. I took onboth for the challenge. Neither were the best at it so it wasnt toohard. (Sometimes they were fighting each other hehe) Thanks goes out toboth for good sportsmanship. Woof


WIN JOTS_Valiant  30 TA_Renegade  19 BGJ NF 11/01