65 wins                                                                                              10  lost       

         bloodbar.gif (5078 bytes)

                         Battle Results for the 4th and 5th month of 98

                         5/23/98 WIN
Sock's Comments)
Hahaha. Check it out! Three on one! Whoo-hoo! nEw is a cool bunch of guys,
but they need some practice big time. .....ScreenShot

JOTS JOTS_SockMonkey 53
nEw nEw_Bar_Tender & nEw_Dustin 15


                         5/23/98 WIN
Ok sock this is getting out of hand..OUCH.hehe.another win for sock and JOTS. ScreenShot

JOTS JOTS_SockMonkey 3
STA STA_VarneyD -1


                         5/21/98 WIN
Looks like 12 is starting to play ..This being his 2 clan win..Good job 12___ScreenShot
The game was FF bgj..   

JOTS JOTS_12Disciple 13
SoA SoA_Jamis 7


                          5 /21/98 WIN vs BOR !
Hmm and again I punk a Bor member .. He dropped into my game I was gonna play Generator ..
But Gen was having computer problems..His game locked up so when Rainman dropped,
in I had 1 kill and gen left .So now me and rainman 1 on 1 ...
And he soon found out that he shouldn't have dropped into my room...
I killed him once ..and he called me a cheep ass jots ..and the kill was cheep ...What ??..
So I rush around trying to spot him and There he was running towards the manna power up...
Wham .!From behind took him down again.. And again he says Cheep kill...Yey right ...! 
So I let him kill me once so he would shut the f__K up...
So I whack him 4 more times and he leaves....OUCH...Now tell me again  Madman who is better....?
And to shut the boys up just look at the ___ScreenShot.....IM OUT..

BOR BOR_Rainman 1

                          5/21/98 WIN
Well I was trying to find a game..and popped into a room named OC..there was 3 of them there
And one of them said ok big oasis NF ,I said ok lets rock I need the practice..
When we got into the game there was only one Oc guy in it ..and wham he killed me ..
butt to his surprise that was all the killing he was gonna do ...when I killed him for the 8th time...
he just up ands leaves Oh well they seem like cool guys and would enjoy playing them again..,

OC OC_Finnman2 1


                           5/21/98 WIN
Nice game guys I was told they played two games one with force and one without..Both games were tight..
With a narrow edge going to us this time...

JOTS JOTS_12Disciple & JOTS_Quarsar 53
NRS NRS_Thor & NRS_Preacher 45


                           5/21/98 WIN
Looks like 12 finally got his 1st clan win ..Way to go dog ..keep sending them big dog ...

JOTS JOTS_12Disciples 6
TS MilesKeth_TS 0


                           5/21/98 WIN
Well I new he rocked on the mots levels and here is "proof" ..just take a look at the ScreeShot
Welcome to the clan gen.....

DC AND FRIENDS DC_TheArc & TheDarkness -6


                            5/20/98 WIN
Sock's comments)
He wasn't that good, but this guy is pretty cool. I decided to let my guard down and
plays sabers (something I believe I'm not too hot at) but I came out doing pretty damn good anyway.
This Dustin guy was pretty entertaining, and I'm sure he'd like to play with anyone else who offers.
Just one note - when you play him no profanity... his mom watches over his shoulder all the time.
Whoops on my part there. My bad swearing habit almost ended his JK days forever.
The verdict = nEw Dustin is a-ok...  FunnyAss.... ScreenShot ___WOOF

JOTS JOTS_SockMonkey 14
nEw nEw_Dustin 6

                           5/20/98 WIN
Sock's Comments)
These guys weren't great, but when you're playing me and Kendo together who is? hahaha.
Kendo seriously mopped up this joint, just look at his score. The OJ clan is fun to play
and they don't quit either. They have a sense of humor too.The verdict = the OJ clan isn't top notch,
but they're fun and I'll play them again anyday. ScreenShot.... Man these two together at mots ....
________________________OUCH....NICE game guys..!_______ next batter

JOTS JOTS_KendoJedi & JOTS_Sockmonkey 102
OJ OJ_Simpson & OJ_Kato 24


                             5/20/98 WIN
Sock's Comments)
Well, this isn't the greatest shot. As you can see, my voodoo2 accelerator, ScreenShot
goes silly on me from time to time. Hmm, I have to get that fixed. This RS guy though...
he's not bad and he sure has a fighting spirit. The verdict = I'll oblige to play another RS anytime.

JOTS JOTS_SockMonkey 37
RS RS_Squid 6


                              5/20/98 WIN
(Sock's Comments)
Well, this was a crapshoot. As you can see SOD and MP aren't to hot,and SOD talked
shit to us the entire time. (I took SOD on in a one on one later)..MP wasn't bad ,,
but lacked the raw talent most players usually have. I'll play another MP,
but as far as SOD goes, they can all rot in hell.....ScreenShot..

JOTS JOTS_SockMonkey & JOTS_Kuatnom 19
SOD & MP SOD_Mara_Jade & MP_Isamu_Dyson 3


                              5/20/98 WIN
(Socks comments)
This guy can go to "hell". If it's not enough that he had to constantly talk shit and threaten to use cheats,
he accused ME of cheating for whooping his ass so bad. That kind of comment I don't forgive.
He says he was one of the best SOD's so,
if that's true everyone, don't even begin to waste your time playing them. They suck,
and talk smack at the same time, then accuse you of cheating with every kill you get.
The verdict = I now have a personal vendetta against SOD... < ScreenShot

JOTS JOTS_SockMonkey 20
SOD SOD_Mara_Jade 2

                              5/20/98 WIN
  (sock's comments)
This guy can't play with any kind of respect at all. When we started the game he told me no carbonite,
and then he used it for every kill he made against me.....
He also killed me 3 times when i was typing...... The verdict = BAJ blows.!

JOTS JOTS_SockMonkey 20
BAJ BAJ_LordArakis 6


                              5/20/98 WIN
1st run in with this clan for me..And he liked the idea of playing with force..Until he got into the game
He held his own,, and just about killed me once butt I ran like a chicken with his head whacked off
and popped a couple banca tanks and wham Back at him ... Then he left ...Ouch  ScreenShot

KoN KoN_Ken -1


                              5/20/98 WIN vs BOR
This guy was cool as hell ,And even in the talk we had before the game said man your nothing like
madman says you are..hmmm...He had allot of skill but was rusty at force play..he got me once with
the saber while we were playing nf...and once with grip..and you do know this much IT WILL "NOT"
BE POSTED ON THE BOR PAGE ....HAhahaha..... WE now know don't WE  
But like I said I have no problems with his members only "him"...ScreenShot

BOR BOR_Pyro 2


                              5/20/98 WIN
Fink ahhhhhh jot down your own comments I cant keep up with ya ....Ouch ..Whelp another win
and all is well ..This guy left the game scared of what would happen next .....ScreenShot...

JOTS JOTS_FinkPloyd 4
HJ HJ_ManKala 0


                              5/20/98 WIN
Oh well fink is still just rocking the mots rooms..And I feel sorry for all who come in contact
with him ..As for what happens when they do, isn't pretty ..ScreenShot..

JOTS JOTS_FinkPloyd 10
JMC JMC_Surfer 1


                              5/20/98 WIN
I don't know were to start ..The game was f5 bgj, and of course all is well.. He was a punk
and got whacked for it ... he just up and leaves the game like a puss..I hate that..If all the JFK
guys are like him I don't wanna play them again ...ScreenShot...

JFK JFK_Universeo or in the game JFK_Spawn -3


                              5/19/98 WIN
ScoobyDee nice job big dawg ..Man he is starting to gel, and look out when he does Ouch...
The game had 2 more guys drop in butt left,with no kills and 1 kill ...OJ  Fresh squeezed !

JOTS JOTS_ScoobyDee 26
OJ OJ_Simpson 5


                              5/19/98 WIN
The second meeting fink has had with Master and with the same results ..a win, looks like the
game was very close .Nice game fink
..Screen Shot..

JOTS JOTS_FinkPloyd 12
DOL DOL_Master_Yoda 10


                              5/19/98 WIN
Well after making a challenge to mOtT twice, to 3 of there members, and then to DS and DC...
with no response.In the  room..comes a JR boy and he liked to play with force,
So hmm maybe a good game..Ok I was mistaken ...ScreenShot..he just left the game ..
and we were suppose to play ,another game...Ouch

JOTS JOTS_Caphuge 7
JR JR_Raptor_W -1


                              5/19/98 WIN
Oh well another day on the zone and one more Punk rocking of another clan by Finky...There
were 3 clans in this one ...Ck out the Screen Shot..and behold fink playing the guitar ....

JOTS JOTS_FinkPloyd 27
AF AF_Wilhuf 26
AF AF_Killer 6
GOD GOD_Apochypse 2


                              5/19/98 WIN
Looks like ployd is rocking Stair way to heaven ..Fink is getting better every day and now is a
force to reckon  with ...ck out finks wet eyes in this
screen shot...!

JOTS JOTS_FinkPloyd 10
438 JediJoe_435 4


                               5/18/98 WIN
Hmm, I don't know what was up here...I joined this game cause Jedi said tower no protection.
But when I got into the game it was Battle ground Jedi ,who cares I love FF. So any how I took
out one then the other and so on ..took about 3 min and the host quit ...Baahhhahaha
you will get the picture in this......... screen shot.....WOOF

JOTS JOTS_Cap_Huge 10
BMF BMF_Jedi 1
DJS DJS_Pizzaman 0


                                5/17/98 WIN
Man this dude was good....and he said he was having a off day?____OUCH _game was tower f5

JOTS JOTS_Cap_Huge 8
OC OC_Psychopath 5


                                5/17/98 TIE
We this one is so funny ...Instigator plays force with 4 stars on speed hahaha....And you know
what happens when ya Smack the ahhh..WALL when flying at force 4 speed .....Oh well
Take the self kills away and its a win butt self kill are apart of the game ...Grrrrrrr......
He had 9 self kills man ....Instigator had 15 kills... Thrawn had 5 ...Ouch
Both played well from what I was told..And again no bad mouthing Nice Job inst.....!

JOTS JOTS_Instigator 3
BOR BOR_LocoThrawn 3


                                5/17/98 WIN vs BOR
Well after playing Madman 3 times at oasis finally my game..F5 tower,and all is well, he did
ok killing me once while I was typing the word Woof... anyhow it was nice of him to play my game..
once...I hope all the bad smack is over .. ScreenShot

BOR BOR_MadMan 1


                               5/17/98 WIN
Only the master himself was gonna keep Kunt from getting a win here..nice job Kuatnom....

JOTS JOTS_Kuatnom 43
JON JON_Sickness 24


                               5/17/98 Lost
Nice game Trawn ...we got punked on this one, both guys seemed to be cool about the hole bor
Jots thingy wich is kewl to know we are finaly gettting over it ..

JOTS JOTS_Kauntnom 25
BOR BOR_LocoTrawn 41


                               5/17/98 WIN
This was kinda funny ..One clan who i was going to play left the game after I killed him 4 times
and wham in comes another and with the same results....________BAM

JOTS JOTS_CapHuge 28
DR DR_Darkside 1
DC DC_Oldie 3


                                5/16/98 WIN
I joined this game a little late. So the two MnD guys had like 5 and 6 kills ,Butt after I got weapons
I headed straight at them, the score was me 12 , 10 and 5 when my partner joined Qball..So right off
not knowing what was up old "Qball "killed" me twice while I was trying to tell  him lets rock em..HEHE
They were cool and never really new who I was one guy keep asking me to join there clan ...hehe
the game was Oasis NF ......The two have some gun skill butt need to work on sabers ... ScreenShot

JOTS JOTS_CapHuge 19
JOTS JOTS_Quarsar 13
MnD MnD_Pa_Petters 10
MnD MnD_Nr_Avenger 10


                                 5/17/98 WIN
Well its the navy again ,this time they brought a friget,And it got sank just like the last one...
Kendo is rocking the zone.....

JOTS JOTS_Kendo_Jedi 33
NAVY NAVY_Kenny 10


                                  5/17/98 Lost
Another one by bor,Old Scooby gave his all ,came up just a little short ...Nice game Scooby...
space port F4 ...

JOTS JOTS_ScoobyDee 3
BOR BOR_Ace25 15


                                  5/16/98 Lost
Oh well here it is ,gonna post'em don't want to but gotta..Nice game Madman, good try Qball
I believe the game was nf battle ground....Now lets see if Madman takes up Sock on his challenge...

JOTS JOTS_Quarsar 1
BOR BOR_Madman 5


                             5/16/98 WIN
All stand up ..Old Scooby Dee got his 1st win , His practice is showing up in his game play ,,
Nice win Scooby ...........Now wipe your eyes off and go get some.....

JOTS JOTS_ScoobyDee 11
JMC JMC_Voodoo 9


                                   5/16/98 WIN
Oasis NF was the game,....... Man do I need pratice on this map!ScreenShot

SoA SoA_MuadDib 1


                                   5/15/98 WIN
Sock,rock time...  Psycho took it at ff and it wasent pretty .Fab time sock !  Screen Shot

JOTS JOTS_Sock_Monkey 26
GF GS_War_Psycho_D 9


                                 5/15/98 WIN
Hmm old sock rocked on this one....Both feet were stinking up the joint oasis NF...

JOTS JOTS_Sock_Monkey 15


                                   5/14/98 WIN
Well this time nEw challenged us.! .And holy smoke man send someone who can play like 4 or
5 of ya come next time ... But even at this score he was cool so I have nothing butt respect for
nEw and would enjoy playing them myself...
. ScreenShot  Kendo did you sweat at all on this one ?

JOTS JOTS_Kendo_Jedi 60
nEw nEw_Dustin_Saber 12


                                  5/14/98 WIN
Oh to bad so sad another little win for jots...Kendo said the guy was kewl and would play
anytime...... Ck out the Screen Shot Ouch!

JOTS JOTS_Kendo_Jedi 13
TE TE_JediMage 2


                                  5/13/98 WIN
Instigator told the boy i have $4.35 .. of AssWhoopin for ya, And he took it !.....ScreenShot

JOTS JOTS_Instigator 13
435 Exaltedone_435 7


                                  5/13/98 WIN
New and now dead ! may the boy RIP..aAAA ASS got smacked in this
Screen Shot

JOTS JOTS_Fink_Ployd 25
nEw nEw_BaR_Tender 3


                                  5/13/98 WIN
Fink had trouble on this one and said Yoda was cool as hell and a bit of a challenge, So we welcome
DOL  to play us anytime ... ! 

JOTS JOTS_Fink_Ployd 14
DOL DOL_Master_Yoda 12


                                  5/13/98 WIN
Fink is getting into this... Three wins in one day . What a Huge aa..Ass show off oh well looks like
JMC had caught the brunt of old Ployd's blade in this screen shot ! ..........Screen Shot

JOTS JOTS_Fink_Ployd 12

                                  5/12/98 WIN
There were two games played between inst and Psychic, the 1st one went our way ..Inst made short
work in the force game .....From what I seen in the chat lobby Element was running there mouth
and inst nailed  It ...Errrrrrrr... shut quick .....

JOTS JOTS_Instigator 17
Element Element_Psychic 3


Game two was NF sabers ,and old element was rocking ... nice game E_P

JOTS JOTS_Instigator 7
Element Element_Psychic 10


                                 5/12/98 WIN
1st time I ever saw this clan on the zone,The guy was good with guns butt not so good with force
the game was oasis F5 and we played half the game using only speed and jump....
I cut the game short because I got a little..... Ahhhhh....  bored  !.... A very nice guy ...

BotF BotF_JL_ScRaWLz -1


                                   5/10/98 WIN
Poor guys says it all in this screen shot ... Oh well better luck next time dawg ! Screen Shot
Game was NF Sabers....

JOTS JOTS_Kuatnom 18
IA IA_pMOte 6


                                   5/10/98 WIN
Well Quarsar hasen't been online latley but now he is..And he is rocking ! Nice game Q

JOTS JOTS_Quarsar 10
LDE LDE_JakStormcloud 3


This game could of went on forever. At force 4 most of the kills were self kills ! Nice game Angel ....

LOTS LOTS_Angeltorage 0


                                   5/08/98 WIN
I wasn't going to post this one but the little babies kicked me out of the game ! The game
was f4 oasis ...Looks like they couldn't handle loosing . I challenged them twice after they
came out of the game and never got a response. HAHAH even 2 on 1 oasis nf ...
This was the score after they booted me ! When I 1st came into the game one of them killed me
twice, So they thought  they were going to punk me But once I got weapons Behold !

JOTS JOTS_Caphuge 9
FGS FGS_Dahic 2
FGS FGS_Nathan 4


                                     5/05/98 WIN
This one was just a friendly game butt i was rocking ,and again they just leave the game !
wazup with this leaving games when your getting punked !!!!   OASIS F4

SOA SOA_MuadDib 1
THA THA_EarthQuake 0


                                     5/05/98 WIN
Well it looks like the navy got sank ! Need back up next time send 2 or 3 members to rock !

JOTS JOTS_Maxrbhs 14
NAVY Navy_Stan 1


                                     5/05/98 Lost
Nice little ass whopping ,To bad it wasn't us doing the whooping .. Oh well these two can play with
Full Force, old Luke was rocking and took me bye surprised , I didn't think it would be so one sided..
Nice game Luke, These two have class and would enjoy playing them again !

JOTS JOTS_CapHuge & JOTS_Fink_Ployd 24
WD WD_Luke16 & WD_Prodigy 50


                                     5/05/98 WIN
Very close indeed,we had a blast in this one. I started off slow and came back after a quick
trip to the bathroom !!!

JOTS JOTS_CapHuge & JOTS_Fulcrum98 18
TS VegaRed_TS & Turur_TS 7


                                     5/05/98 Lost
Nice full foce mots game, im still getting use to the mots maps! and it shows KYA took us down ..

JOTS JOTS_Instagator & JOTS_CapHuge 19
KYA KYA_Master & KYA_Ranger 25

                                     5/05/98 WIN
Oh well just a another day at the office .. ff bgj and all is well , some of the kill's came because of
the lag ,and some because I was hmm what! Drinking; Not me ! ! !

JOTS JOTS_CapHuge 20

                                     5/05/98 WIN
Well its only a game right ?? these poor guys never once got mad ,never got pissed just took
the asswhoopin of there lives ... Look at the score and tell me what you Think! Huge Ass Whoopin

JOTS JOTS_Maxrbhs & JOTS_Kuatom 94
JMC JMC_Drinksalot & JMC_DS_61_3 24


                                     5/04/98 WIN
Just a walk in the Park! Max was walking the dog ! 2 on 1 wasn't fair hey !...

JMC JMC_Man_Hutt & JMC_LordMike 0


                                     5/04/98 WIN
Hmm not pretty .. full force and a six of budwiser.Looks like a day at the beach !

SF & Friends SF_Ares & Dvcam 4


                                     5/04/98 WIN
Hmm its kya again back for the spanking ! And there is that dam name again LEADER !
What happen to the Jots boy who sported the name Leader ,,Hmm he got Punked ......

JOTS JOTS_Kuatnom 15
KYA KYA_Leader 7


                                     5/03/98 WIN
This guy was nothing butt cool never once complained , I know one thing my poor little
saber is blood soaked for life !

JOTS JOTS_CapHuge 31
JAG JAG_Orion 1


                                     5/03/98 Lost
I don't have the after game comments one this one yet butt it looks like we got whacked..Nice
game GS .......

JOTS JOTS_Instagator & JOTS_Fulcrum98 8
GS GS_Blazzing & GS_Cat_Sith 15


                                     5/02/98 WIN
HEHE Holy shit 2 on 1 is ok with me if its my game,FF tower and all is well..
well all I could do is drink beer during this match . they never once bitched or cried Like some
clans do."bor"...... anyhow they were cool and Chromax was rocking, sorry his partner couldn't ..
most of my deaths came because I was drinking, pissing or just watching !

JOTS JOTS_CapHuge 28
ODJ ODJ_Cromax & ODJ_Darkie 10


                                     5/02/98 WIN
Well after a long day i was ready for some fresh blood,And behold got some !

JOTS JOTS_CapHuge & JOTS_Fulcrum98 20
TS VagaRed_TS & Turor_TS 7


                                     5/02/98 Lost
One hell of a game ! only one bad thing  karmacoma cried why I don't know he won !
he keep saying Fulc is a hack ,and we know better than that .But the hole time Cat was cool
and calm never once getting out of line , Man I did and IM sorry ! butt still nice game GS !
NOW its time to rock full force with me !  ........NF and sabers  dam !

JOTS JOTS_Fulcrum98 & JOTS_CapHuge 9
GS GS_Cat_Sith & GS_Karmacoma 10


                                     5/01/98 WIN  
Master of what ! His own ass mabey ,cause he got pissed and left the game !!!!!!!!!!

JOTS JOTS_Instagator 3
KYA KYA_Master -1


                                   5/01/98 Lost
Nice game Kya, we got punked on this one ! well mabey next time i can join in , WOOF !

JOTS JOTS_Instagator & JOTS_SockMonkey 11
KYA KYA_Master & KYA_Doinyesis 20


                                  5/01/98 WIN
Yo fulc stuck the WOOF on this boy ! I can see old fulc now wet eye's, and a cold tall one !!!!!

JOTS JOTS_Fulcrum98 24
BMF BMF_Woolfman 11


                                   4/30/98 Lost
Oh well its 2 on 1 so i can eat it right hell no! nice game guys, the two can use force...

TS Avtar_TS & Turor_TS 9


                                   4/30/98 WIN  
Its Kinda funny how bor only post there wins ,cause this was a ass whooping plane and clear..
I guess the only game they know how to play is NF oasis  !Oh well I have been told by Bor High council
that these two were only trainees not full bor members, so I will post this to let everyone Know !!!

JOTS JOTS_Instagator 15
BOR BOR_Raven & BOR_Crazyduck 4


                                 4/30/98  WIN
Man here it is ! Me and fulc were playing a friend and wham Here comes BOR ! he came in got
Punked and left nice and clean no blood ,Just whooped like a girly boy ....with 10 deaths and no
kills ........
I belive he had enough .
And again Its not posted on the Bor home page ! Hmm only like posting
them wins !
Agin Bor raven was i guess a member in training ! so Ill post this to let you know....
I do know one thing .If you gonna train your members before leting them in the clan GIVE them a
diffrent name Like Snor_Raven so we don't have this problem in the future ...Huge out ....

JOTS JOTS_CapYourAss 20
BOR BOR_Raven 0
KON KON_Shadow 9
JOTS JOTS_Instagator 28


                                 4/26/98  Lost 
This game is not the real deal ! 1st off  mad man had a 1240 ping how can you play a game with
that shit going on !  butt we tried ,hahahah dam he is good , BUTT ITS OASIS NF who cares ....
so after the game I asked him to join us in a game of ff Sabers ,well bye this time a couple more bor
members joined in the room . the game was ff Tower Mad man left hahaha.. to much for him and left
his boys behind to pick up the heat !  Bor_Raven and, I don't remember the other one
GOT PUNKED ! 30 to 4  !!!
so it goes to show some people play Oasis nf and some can't play with force !! Nice game Mad Man ..

JOTS JOTS_CapHuge & JOTS_Fulcrum98 4
BOR BOR_MadMan 20


                                 4/29/98 WIN
Not good ,during the game a couple of people dropped in and got whacked. So the score is not
exact .. butt you get the idea ....

JOTS JOTS_CapHuge 77
THA THA_DarkGod 20


                                 4/29/98  WIN
Nice game this clan can play with force !

JOTS JOTS_CapHuge & JOTS_Fulcrum98 20
GS GS_Firewall & GS_whoever 6



              (   THE END  )           FOR MORE CARNAGE  CLICK HERE