BATTLE HISTORY FOR  5/24/98 to 6/16/98 




                    6/15/98 WIN
Well this guy was a punk 1st off 12 said he was hacking , Even then he can't win haha
he leaves the game early on top of that .. Game was Frag factory F6....ScreenShot

JOTS JOTS_12Disciple 7
JNR JNR_Dape 3


                     6/15/98 WIN
12 Dang dog .. you hit the fire button just in time ! your 3 wins are the last ones for this page ..
Nice games 12 ...BGJ F5 ...ScreenShot

JOTS JOTS_12Disciple 5
JiB JiB_AgentD 1

                     6/15/98 WIN
12's Comments) Game was Tower F6 to 10 but he got his ass kicked and left early...
And I Quote"You Win" -Magicx heheh ...ScreenShot

JOTS JOTS_12Disciple 4
Wolfpac Wolfpac_Magicx 0

                       6/15/98 WIN
Well it looks like the wolfpac are not very skilled at any part of the game ,so far we have
taken them out 6 times with no problems what so ever ..Nice game 12 ...ScreenShot
Game was Tower NF ..

JOTS JOTS_12Disciple 5
Wolfpac Wolfpac_SAVAGE -2


                        6/14/98 WIN
Well I told you to watch out for the Oz man , he is rocking the mots on da zone now ...ScreenShot

JOTS JOTS_Oz1310 17
435 Prophecy_435 8


                         6/14/98 WIN
12 and da wolf , well it looks like da wolfpac is soft cause early Lorienn took them out . ScreenShot

JOTS JOTS_12Disciple 7
Wolfpac Wolfpac_CRUSH 4


                          6/14/98 WIN
Oz's Comments)
OK, score was 9-4 against DE_Freak_Show. He split in the middle of the game and I was afraid
he was going to but oh well, how important is a screen shot anyway..
     Well " Oz " Man cometh !

JOTS JOTS_Oz1310 9
DE DE_Freak_Show 4


                          6/14/98 WIN
Oz's Comments)
Ok heres another 1 from me, this guy jetted 2. Oh well real score was13-8.
I got one when it was 10-5.......ScreenShot
Ahh Oz man's 1st clan post and he forgot the name of the dude he played it down

JOTS JOTS_Oz1310 13
Dark ? 8


                          6/13/98 WIN
Very nice guy , said he was good at sabers so I thought ok a challenge finally We talked a bit
before the game and after , and if all JM'ers are like him they have a good clan ..ScreenShot
Game was mots Throne room NF

JM Lord_JediJoe_JM 1


                           6/13/98 WIN
Hmm well 1st off this low life scum sucker join's my room ,Ok he starts talking shit about how good
his clan is , and he is the best in the clan ..hehehe who GIVES A RATS ASS...well then ouch hehe
He says Our clan got 5 stars , Again  who gives a fu__k  ok well I say ok lets play . Well the 1st 2 kills
I get he starts saying  your a hack. nope I say You Suck ..he goes ok  don't move and let me see if I
Can kill you .. hehe ok so he kills me with one swing ,he says ok your not a hack, well I kill him 3 more
times and he starts back with the your a hacker bit ... MOTHER F__R ..THIS CLAN SUCKS !
  battle ground jedi NF ------------ScreenShot

FA FA_Jedi 1


                            6/13/98 WIN
Holy shit what a day , This dude from JEV joins my room , I must add he was as cool as they
come, and good lord the game was close my fingers were numb after the game .......
The game was NF Battle ground Jedi.......

JEV JEV_Zarkin 3


                            6/11/98 WIN
This guy joined my room and I said what da hell dose dob stand for ,, Heheh well anyhow he said
were a new clan , Ok the game is NF NH bgj to 5  he said ok , lets play ..Whoopee !

dOb dOb_Wander 1


                            6/11/98 WIN
Aight I was snooping around NAR for a clan game,Bam me and bor ace25 agree to play a NF sabers
You know I thought we would ague or someone would bitch ,but the hole game and chat before
the game went well..I won and after the game Ace said hey I have someone else from bor for you
to play , I said aight as long as you promise me you'll post my wins on the bor homepage....
Both games were Battle ground jedi No force !
"Both" Ace and Wolfie were cool as hell ,


Second game score to 4 WIN

BOR BOR_Wolfie_D 2

                             6/11/98 Lost
Ouch , I still can't play mots geeez ,435 took us out close game if I could have done something ,,lag was
the worst I ever seen in a 4 man game ....



                              6/08/98 WIN
Ah man I wish all dudes on da zone was like this one ! he was cool from the get go ,
And to my surprise ,came to find out he was only 14 ,dam he acted like 25,,,a real nice guy
Well we agreed on 2 games  one bgj NF and  oasis NF , I thought ok I should win the bgj
But hmm might get my ahhh ass whooped at oasis , TO my surprise
1st set of scores is for battle ground jedi ,second for oasis..................  ScreenShot

DG DG_Destruction 3

Second game Oasis nf ......ScreenShot

JOTS JOTS_CapHuge 10
DG DG_Destruction 0


                           6/08/98 WIN
Well I had to see if my saber skills were relay getting better ,Lets rock again..So wham a
Sf dude joins my room , I said aight NF NH sabers to 15 ,he said aight ...Well during the game
Some guy joined in but didn't really make any difference .. I was up 7 to 2 at that time ..ScreenShot

JOTS JOTS_CapHuge 15
SF SF_LightKnight 3


                              6/07/98 WIN
Well Thought I would go ck out my new found saber skills on some other clan today , gees man
Ouch good god , KE_Aquila was cool as hell, and had a lot of skill ,but got punked...
Thanks valiant for help on My saber game...hehehe...ScreenShot

JOTS JOTS_CapHuge 15
KE KE_Aquila 3


                              6/06/98 WIN
Well I wasn't gonna post this one , But after it was all said and done I WAS PISSED 1st off the
babes were hacking like monkeys chasing there balls, Two they really suck, and do need to hack..
Man flying around the level like super man .. Gees...

JOTS JOTS_CapHuge & JOTS_Generator 14
WS WS1_Intimidator & WS2_DD44 -1


                               6/05/98 Lost
Well are second game with DR , NF BGJ , now this game was even closer than the 1st one ,
We would get a kill and wham dr would smack us ...Dam lost by one ..ouch

JOTS JOTS_12Disciple & JOTS_CapHuge 14
DR Scorpio112_DR & Sputnik_DR 15


                               6/04/98 WIN
A very tight game, Think god 12 was whacking cause I was not, the game was tower ff ,Dr is a cool clan
Well adjusted to the force game.. as seen in the score ...

JOTS JOTS_12Disciple & JOTS_CapHuge 30
DR Scorpio_DR & Opey_DR 27


                            6/03/98 WIN
Fink's Comments)
JMC_Surfer. If you want an EAAAAAASY win, play JMC. Most of 'em are goodguys, but got
NO skillz. After this game, Max & I tried to do a 2 on 2against them, but they couldn't figure out how to
set the game up, they said they were 12 & 14 years old, which made sense of the whole situation.
Fink&roll nice mop up dog ... S

JOTS JOTS_FinkPloyd 10
JMC JMC_Surfer 3


                               6/03/98 WIN
11 + 1= 12 and this dude didn't want any of him ,the game was set to go to the score of 10 ,and
he pops out after going down only 4 times

JOTS JOTS_12Disciple 4
HOS HOS_Zexler 2


                                6/03/98 WIN
Hmm this guy was so easy ! No I mean cool ,and I mean gal she had a lot of skill ,just needs a little
practice with force.. The game was FF throne room , Half played with NF ...

JOTS JOTS_CapHuge 10
BotF BotF_LJ_Jkling 1


                                6/03/98 WIN
And another whooping by the gen man, No contest....

JOTS JOTS_Generator 11
TJH TJH_Jackle -3


                                6/03/98 WIN
Fink's Comments)
LOS_RJ, he was using a different name for whatever reason, but I beat him 40-12 at,
NF sabers at BGJ,
he wasn't too good, but a good opponent, never complained. Play him if you see him.
Smoke the meat fink, holy gezz got some barbecue sauce for his ass...ScreenShott

JOTS JOTS_FinkPloyd 40


                                6/03/98 Lost
Oh well this guy is cool , Whooped me like a step child ,game was ff throne room...The game
was close most the way until the end, then he broke open a 4 point lead and I couldn't come back..

JOTS JOTS_CapHuge 10
DOA DOA_OZ1310 15


                                6/01/98 WIN
Gen's Comments)
Well they say talk is cheap, it is. this guy would ask me a questioned when I went to answer
he would kill me, so I stopped answering and started killing.... Grrrrr ...ScreenShot

JOTS JOTS_Generator 20
JMC JMC_Gravitator 10


                                5/30/98 WIN
Gen's Comments)
I fought this guy it was supposed to go to 20 but he left after ikilled him 3 times in a row,
what the dilli yo , if your gonna fight someone finish it, Punkass

DEATH DEATH_Bloggert 0


                                 5/30/98 WIN
Gen's Comments)
this musta took an hour ,cause my ass hurt afterwards.....

nEw nEw_Bar_Tender 25


                                 5/30/98 WIN
Maxi's Comments)
I have nothing but respect for this guy. He was extremely cool, from
the moment that we met. He kept defending me against some fag who kept
calling JOTS immature pathetic retards. So then he asked me to play
Safehouse, a really cool level. We started playing, but the level
provides for kind of a cheap game. But it was still really fun.
He kept dying from the COG traps. I died from those too a couple of
times. He was really cool throughout the game. I will definitely play
them again. Even though some guy from OY once told me to shut the
hell up just for asking him to play. Well, I guess there are assholes
in every clan. But in my book, OY is cool.......................ScreenShot

JOTS JOTS_Czar_Max 3
OY OY_Darkhalo -3


                                 5/29/98 Lost
Ouch...nice one doa.....

DOA DOA_OZ1310 20


                                 5/29/98 WIN
Well this game was to 10 ,but the dude ran like a monkey with no balls....ScreenShot

JOTS JOTS_Generator 5
DT DT_CM_Slasher 1


                                 5/29/98 WIN
Gen's Comments)
it started out ff, but then he wanted just sabers i said 'ok' .
so westarted fightin just sabers and he hit me with lighting . then hestarted saying i was cheap for
using lighting, when he used it first, idont know what was wrong with this guy
(i think he is schizofrantic)then i offered to play him in guns and he left the zone .
           WHAT THE DILLI YO
Aight another generated win hehe...Oh well looks good gen keep it up...Looks like this guy
went down at the hands of 12 just a few before gen took him 0ut >>>>>.

JOTS JOTS_Generator 10
DFA DFA_Zeus 3


                                  5/29/98 WIN
Fink's Comments)
new_bartender, ive played him before, And I whooped him then, there
was some problem with the score; it was really like 15-8, but a wins a win....

JOTS JOTS_FinkPloyd 12
nEw nEw_Bar_Tender 8


                                  5/28/98 WIN
Another here one day gone the next clan ....And 12 took him out .....BGJ NF....

JOTS JOTS_12Disciple 10


                                 5/28/98 WIN
Just a small tast of the huge police, my man ..12 is rocking .. BGJ NF...

JOTS JOTS_12Disciple 10
BMF BMF_RavinMaster 5


                                 5/28/98 WIN
Max's Comments)
This game was pretty good, but he said that he had MAJOR lag. I don't know,
cuz I didn't have any and usually lag is mutual. But still, I believe him. He was using
protection, which is pretty much cheap as hell, but it's all good. A few minutes after we started,
I guess the lag disappeared because he started doing really well.It sucked though,
because we were both killing ourselves all the time. I had 6 kills and he had 5, yet the scores
are much lower. He is very good at MOTS, and I would definitely like to have him on my
team in a team game. I am the one who decided to quit, because I realized that
the game wasn't going anywhere. If we stayed, he might
have won.hehe...WOOF
Maxi's pad got a little dirty in this game ...ScreenShot

JOTS JOTS_Czar_Max 2
AOD AOD_Obi_Bar_Gender -1


                                 5/28/98 WIN
Oh man 12 calm down man I can't keep up with your output......OASIS F5 ..

JOTS JOTS_12Disciple 24
DFA DFA_Zeus 18


                                5/28/98 WIN VS BOR
Fink's Comments)
Uh, BOR_Rainman, he joined my game...i was playing a friend of mine
and he says some JOTS had been asses to him before, he seemed pretty
cool, but he complained about the lag quite a bit...anyways i win.   

JOTS JOTS_FinkPloyd 30
BOR BOR_Rainman 21


                                 5/28/98 WIN
12 pack attack ,Holy diver ,mean,rolling thunder, nice game dog...BGJ NF.....ScreenShot.

JOTS JOTS_12Disciple 16
JLS JLS_Vizer 5


                                  5/27/98 WIN
DTA got whacked in this little encounter , Max is rocking the mouse pad now so beware....

JOTS JOTS_Czar_Max 6
DTA DTA_Javinon -1


                                   5/27/98 WIN
Maxipads Comments)
Kuat and I were gonna play 2 on 2 vs. some clan, but then this guy comes
and says he wants to have 1 on 1. He also adds that he wants to play me, not
Kuat. So I say ok and we go to a 2 player room. There he tells me that he's
played me before under a different name, but he won't tell me who he is
unless I beat him. He wanted Cargo Ship, so there we went. Well, you can
see the results for yourself. He was really good though and very cool.
HAHAHAHAHAHA. He told me that I should be the leader of JOTS. HEHEHEHE.
                  Well come tell me that a_s hole.. "Huge"  .............
. ScreenShot

JOTS JOTS_CzarMax 20
SDJ SDJ_Outlaw 8


                                    5/26/98 WIN
hehe this one was kinda funny the DD_Durren guy was running his moth saying  Ill take you both on
bye myself , well finally his partner showed up , ok we start the game and durren couldn't join for
some reason , he came in, and left .. so I said ok lets just rock it  3 way ..And we did  !
game was ff throne room .....Screen SHOT

JOTS JOTS_CapHuge 30
JOTS JOTS_Generator 25
DD DD_Beeblebrox 3


                                     5/26/98 WIN
Well me and max are playing as a team more now..and im glad, its nice to know you have someone
who can whack some ass on your side..Jmc did ok during the NF sabers part of the game butt
during the ff sabers got punked...Nice game Jmc !      Half   ff and the other  nf   Totine home .

JOTS JOTS_Czar_Max & JOTS_CapHuge 20
JMC JMC_Corran & JMC_Drayson 12


                                     5/25/98 WIN
Oh well 12 came right back with a win, so i forgive you 12 bawahahaha..12 said that Skaboy left
when he killed him the 5th time...ouch  ____ScreenShot..

JOTS JOTS_12Disciple 5
KoN KoN_Skaboy82 2


                                     5/25/98 Lost
Nice game LJ ,12 has his 1st clan loss ouch...looks like it was a close game ...BGJ NF

JOTS JOTS_12Disciple 8
LJ LJ_Antilles 10


                                     5/25/98 WIN
Well we played two games, both went are way even though I had only played spaceport once
The other  one id never played, cloud city or something.. score was me 9, max 7,   Bog _Jlk    4
and Bog_Stevens   0  ... We had to leave the second game because of   lag..........ScreenShot
                                 (1st game) cloud city

JOTS JOTS_CapHuge & JOTS_Czar_Max 17
BOG BOG_JLK & BOG_Stevens 4

                    ( Second game space port )Win....  ScreenShot

JOTS JOTS_Caphuge & JOTS_Czar_Max 10
BOG BOG_JLK & BOG_Stevens 6


                                    5/25/98 WIN
Maxi's Comments)
This game was funny. I came in the game and the guy was already in it.  ScreenShot
He had0 points because he was alone. So I started killing him. He was reallycool though;
never whined or anything. Then some guy named Lord_Nighteyecame in.He's not in any clan.
All HE did was whine.Out of my 12 kills, Ikilled him maybe 3 so he didn't really mess up the score.

JOTS JOTS_Czar_Max 12
AFB AFB_Agent_F 1


                                     5/25/98 WIN
Kun't Comments)
So Max and I challenged these 2 guys from JWL... JWL_Diore and JWL_Master_J...
They decided to give it a shot, so we kicked it Full Force 8 style in Tatooine Homestead...
well to make a long story short.. the final score was 44--20..With Max finishing up with 22..
myself the same... Diore with 14 and Master with 6... anyway, when we got back to the zone..
they were real cool about it and complimented out skills..
these guys know how to act in the world of MOTS and I said they could be our allies...
these guys have class and we would and will play them again -Kuat  ...

JOTS JOTS_Czar_Max & JOTS_Kuatnom 44
JWL JWL_Diore & JWL_Master_J 20


                                     5/25/98 WIN
Gen's Comments)
this battle was supposed to go to ten but 12deciple leftearly w/ 5 kills and i stayed
and fought them both, they said they are good at mots , so if u see them on mots fight them..

JOTS JOTS_Generator 6
JOTS JOTS_12Disciple  5
Goz Goz_Tjedi84 3
Goz Goz_Sinjuku 4


                                      5/25/98 WIN
Nice game 435... ............................................The

JOTS JOTS_Instigaitor & JOTS_Czar_Max 51
435 Exaltedone_435 & Goltieb_435 46


                                       5/25/98 WIN
Ouch. ,Come on Gen send me post game comments ...sceen shot ....!

JOTS JOTS_Generator 5
JMC JMC_Jerec1 1


                                       5/24/98 WIN
Huge Comments)
Yo this guy BHA_boba joined my room asking if he could join.,Well I said only if your down with
Guns..He said yes guns and NF , He said can I join ,hehe. I said if you can beat me by 6 to 10 points
then mabey you can..I huge said ok Oasis NF right, He said hell yes, NF ! So anyhow we hit the game
and when he joined I said ok get some ammo and pick up some weapons,HE said aight ...
well after about 2 min I said ok lets do it..Well the poor guy couldn't even hit me ..I t was like playing
Myself..hehe..Cause ya all no I suck with guns..Oh well he left when I killed him for the 7th time .Ouch

BHA BHA_Boba_Fett 0


                                        5/24/98 WIN
Kunt's Comments)
Ok so Max and I played this guy from DR.. Scorpio_DR.. he was cool and pretty good but he
used deadly sight.. but we got along anyway.. DR's teammate was this guy Abdul..
he didn't have much to him.. but what can you do.. so the final score was me 42.. DR 40.. Max 31
and Abdul like 9 or so.. anyway max has been practicing with his mouse so he is a little off his game..
him being one the the best players in JOTS and all..
so it was a cool game and we would play DR again. -Kuat

JOTS JOTS_Kuatnom 42
JOTS JOTS_Czar_Max 31
DR Scorpio_DR 40
DR Abdul_ 8


                                         5/24/98 TIE
Kunt's Comments)
So I saw this guy from DOA on the zone..DOA_Oz1310.. so i challenged him and we played..
he was real cool and at my skill level.. we were playing it was basically kill for kill,
and towards the end of the game he was up by a couple then i was up by a couple..
then we decided to go sabers NF... kill for kill again.. then i was up 28-26...
then we agreed that we'd play 5 more kills and that's it.. so when we were at 29=29,
we decided to call it a tie since we were so evenly matched... I would play this guy again;
he played with good skill and integrity.  ScreenShot

JOTS JOTS_Kuntonm 29
DOA DOA_Oz1310 29


                                          5/24/98 WIN
Man kendo is smoking ass ,1 on 1  2 on 1  whatever you wan't...Ouch

JOTS JOTS_KendoJedi 17
JMC JMC_Corran  &  JMC_Gunner_26 -4


                                          5/24/98 WIN
Just by the skin of are dirty ass.,Dark  was rocking ,at 1st I thought this boy must,
be hacking, I fell so dam quick from his grip, But then I remembered Madman's little grip secret
and I started using his head and throat as a basket ball...'Nice' game BmF... (BGJ FF)

JOTS JOTS_CapHuge & JOTS_Instigator 26
BmF BmF_Dark & BmF_A_Kicker 24


                                           5/24/98 WIN
Kendo is just to dam mean in this one .. 3 on 1 ,And the sh_T fries..

JOTS JOTS_KendoJedi 15
DOA DOA_Oz1310 1
OY OY_DarkHalo 0
V Death_V 2


                                           5/24/98 Lost
Max's Comments)
This is another game that GEN and I played. We totally got destroyed, but hey,
what can you expect? It was NF Sabers. Personally, that's my weakest area.
I don't know about GEN, but it seems the same for him. They were really cool.
STARMAN was just AMAZING. He got 20 of their 26 points. We asked them to play
us FF, but they said no.
They openly admitted that we would KICK THEIR ASSES without any challenge.
I guess different people are good at different things. But I have utmost
respect for these guys, because unlike MadMan, they admit that they suck at FF.
I would never play them again because they are just too good for me, but
I would definitely play them if they wanted to play FF.

JOTS JOTS_Czar_Max & JOTS_Generator 12
RS RS_Starman & RS_Eagle 26

                                            5/24/98 WIN
Maxi's Comments)
They were extremely cool from the very start. The game was VERY close,
but that's partially because GEN's computer kept messing up. He came in, left,
came in, and left again. He didn't have much time to do anything. They are both
very good at FF Spaceport (that's where we played), especially KATO.

JOTS JOTS_Czar_Max & JOTS_Generator 36
OJ OJ_Kato & OJ_Simpson 30


                                            5/24/98 WIN
BOR GO DOWN AGAIN...Right after they post a" message" on the smack board ..hehe
they say play us at BGJ nf sabers ...WELL we did AND with the same results .___ScreenShot

JOTS JOTS_12Disciple 10
BOR BOR_Maddonna 5


                                            5/24/98 WIN
Wow 3rd win for 12 and all is well ,,Looks like the zone better look out 12 of 9 is rocking..
(Game was oasis nf )...ScreenShot

JOTS JOTS_12Disciple 7
JHM JHM_Casey -1


                                            5/24/98 WIN
Sock's Comments)                                                  3 games in this group.....
This was a 10 mintue-per-level-thingy. JMC_LordMike is a pretty cool guy. He's not bad either.
It's nice to see someone that can lose well and laugh while he does...
(unlike me, I yell and swear anytime I fall one point behind). LordMike is the first
JMC I've had a positive experience with... Drayson especially is not even worth playing
- just a warning to ya.....

JOTS JOTS_SockMonkey 8
JMC JMC_LordMike 3

Game two between Sock and jmc ......ScreenShot

JOTS JOTS_SockMonkey 12
JMC JMC_Thrawn & JMC_LordMike 6

Game Three  sock and jmc .......ScreenShot

JOTS JOTS_Sockmonkey 6
JMC JMC_LordMike 5


                                             5/24/98 WIN  
Me and Instapad took these monkeys on sabers nf (my worst area), but surprisingly,
I did extremely well. I guess I'm not as bad as i thought. I just assumed that because
I never play sabers, i would suck at them....Guess not. Live and learn...

JOTS JOTS_SockMonkey & JOTS_Instigator 15
nEw nEw_Bar_Tender & nEw_Dustin 9


                                                              ( THE END )