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                               7/10/98 WIN
Inst and Exalt go at it again with the same results , Nice game guys ..ScreenShot

JOTS JOTS_Instigator 19
435 ExaltedOne_435 7


                               7/10/98 WIN
12 dose it at oasis nf this time hmm getting wet pant's hey 12 ...WOOF

JOTS JOTS_12Disciple 10
DD DD_Grandalf 6
DD DD_Firefly 3


                               7/08/98 WIN
Sock's Comments)
Okay, the lowdown here... YJ_Nannerb (he decided to finally quit), SOA_VileBlood (cool guy),
and VD_Whacker (some nobody from Vader's Disciples). Anyway, I hope you can see that
after 2 months of downtime the old Sock hasn't lost his luster. Whoo-hoo! I've still got it baby!

JOTS JOTS_SockMonkey 24
SOA SOA_VileBlood 0
VD VD_Whacker 0
YJ YJ_Nannerb 0


                               7/08/98 WIN
Sock's Comments)
Will YJ ever learn? This game was, again, with YJ_Nannerb and SOA_VileBlood. Some other
guy joined later, but I have no idea who he is. As you can see, my accelerator went nuts on me again
(damn!). SOA is a cool clan, so I played this guy again (he kept wanting me to join his clan,
but I told him who I rather be with - JOTS KICKS ASS!).....ScreenShot

JOTS JOTS_SockMonkey 9
SoA SOA_VileBlood 1
YJ YJ_Nannerb -2


                               7/08/98 WIN
Sock's Comments)
YJ_Nannerb challenged me after the last game and guess what? He lost again.
He's pretty cool though. Oasis nf

JOTS JOTS_SockMonkey 4
YJ YJ_Nannerb -1


                               7/08/98 WIN
Sock's comments)
This one was between some guy in SS (sabresheep) and a guy in YJ (young jedis).
Not to much talent coarsing through their veins.....Oasis nf

JOTS JOTS_SockMonkey 2
YJ YJ_Nannerb 0
SS SS_SaberSheep -1


                                 7/08/98 WIN
Gen's Comments)
This was a good fight score limit was 15 and it came down to the last strike.
E.T phoned home .....ScreenShot

JOTS JOTS_Generator 15
JM Bishop_Shade_JM 13


                                  7/08/98 Lost
Well looks like old Zeus is a dam good player cause he took out Ozman like the sun takes
out a Bark at da moon cassette in the sun...Nice game Zeus...Sorry zeus hehe !!!!

JOTS JOTS_Oz1310 0
JM Zeus_JM 10


                                   7/06/98 WIN
12's comments)
Killed him in f5... But.. in nf... I WAS killing him 8-3 when he made a5kill comeback
to end it 10-8........
               Game one F5 tower...ScreenShot

JOTS JOTS_12Disciple 11
LOTS LOTS_Sub-Zero 1

              Game two NF tower...ScreenShot

JOTS JOTS_12Disciple 10
LOTS LOTS_Sub-Zero 8

                                   7/06/98 WIN
12 rocking again , nice win dog ....!.... ScreenShot

JOTS JOTS_12Disciple 7
JC JC_Lord_Omen 0


                                   7/05/98 WIN
Scoob's Comments
OK i dont play alot but i did get a win so here it is.....On July 5th (my b-day) i played two other
clan dudes and someone joined in near the end.......ScreenShot

JOTS JOTS_Scoobey 20
KYA KYA_Illusion 2
ESC ESC_Grzmo 1


                                    7/05/98 WIN
This was a death match , Me and AOD_Waddle and some other guy was gonna play well
I started the game and low and behold KYA master was there instead of the other guy..
well the game was fun, I had a slow start because I had to set up my dam joystick,But
I finally got going ....ScreenShot

JOTS JOTS_CapHuge 32
AOJ AOJ_Waddle 20
KYA KYA_Master 17
Demon Demon_Prince 11


                                     7/04/98 WIN
Max_E_Pad is getting hot on DA mots rooms, so I would advise you to watch out !

JOTS JOTS_Czar_Max 15
JK JK_DarkHelmet 8


                                      7/03/98 WIN
Well I just new this was going to be ugly , but this guy was cool as Jell-O, and can play
The game was F5 throne room.....ScreenShot

JOTS JOTS_CapHuge 15
JM Wiz_Shaggy_JM 7


                                     7/03/98 WIN
Well Oz man commeth again with a win this time against an enemy, After talking with a
Couple of them JM that is,  they all seem cool ......ScreenShot

JOTS JOTS_Oz1310 25
JM Aprm_Cougar_JM 1


                                    7/02/98 WIN
Max's Comments)
Well I guess this guy is a newbie. Hehehe. The game was on cloud city. So we started playing
and I killed him about 7 times and then he killed himself a few times. So then he says I
can't use any guns or blinding or protection. So I say ok and kill him a few more times.
Then Instigator comes in, so obviously I go back to using force because Marky is.....ummm..
..well lets just say that if you're good enough to be #31 on Case's Ladder, then you're not
a newbie. But I guess he's been playing too much NF because he didn't seem as good as before.
Then some other named Spitz guy came in, and he had lag. I killed him twice and left. So I
guess the score should have been like 15 to -11, but you pretty much get the
idea. ....ScreenShot

JOTS JOTS_Czar_Max 22
TJD TJD_Phoenix -11


                                     6/30/98 WIN
Aight it was late and I happen to be on DA zone because inst said lets go storm the zone
Hehehe well while waiting on inst to show up, prophecy challenged me , at this time I can
hardly see so I decline, well 1 min later Jedi joe challenged me , I said ok lets go join my
room, I told prophecy and joe I was about to die I was so tired and it had to be a quickie
So I set the game to end at 16 kills, Well the rest was history ....Game Throne room F5
both guys were very cool .. nice game guys

JOTS CapHuge & Oz1310 16
435 & JM Prophcey_435 & JediJoe_JM 11


                           6/27/98 WIN
Well, Mark said that he would only play Proph if I stayed to watch. So I just stood there
in the game, making comments and taking pictures. It was actually pretty fun just
watching. It's pretty clear who won, and who's got more skill. But Proph was a very good
sport throughout both of the games. He said that Inst was the best NF Saberist he had
ever seen. I'd have to say the same. After that we played a free for all "fun" game,
and Prophecy got the highest score. I don't know what it was because we all thought that
it was just for fun. So anyway, Prophecy is a really great player in an awesome clan. I
definitely look forward to taking him on sometime 1 on 1. (But NOT SABERS NF!!!!!!!)
There were two games played
(the scores are on the screenshots..disregard me) Max ...ScreenShot ..Game two ScreenShot

JOTS JOTS_Instigator 10
435 Prophecy_435 2
JOTS JOTS_Instigator 3
435 Prophecy_435 -1


                             6/27/98 WIN
Max's Comments)
It was a every man for himself game with me, DK_DragonLord, and Src_Hershey_JM
Score is on the....... ScreenShot

JOTS JOTS_Czar_Max 23
DK DK_DragonLord 1
JM Src_Hershey_JM 3


                              6/25/98 WIN
Max's Comments)
Well, I was called upon by JWL_MASTER to help him have their clan's first official
clan battle. It was me and MASTER against JHM_Loki and guess who........
exaltedone_435. Yep. The opposing alliance. Score was: ME 18,  exalted 7,   MASTER 1,
Loki 1. So I guess we won. And now JWL can start their battle page with a win!!! ScreenShot

JOTS JOTS_Czar_Max & JWL_Master 19
435 & JHM Exaltedone_435 & JHM_Loki 8


                              6/22/98 WIN
Max and BOD looks like no problem at all max , next time challenge 3 or 4 of them ..ScreenShot

Map was SpacePort !

JOTS JOTS_Czar_Max 7
BOD BOD_Skywalker & BOD_Force98 3


                              6/20/98 WIN
Well this was a good sport ,after I whack his ass he never once complaind, Game was BGJ NF
One of the screen shots say it all .........ScreenShot1 _ Shot 2 



                               6/20/98 WIN
Guy was coo as hell but new to the game I hope, hehe well I saw him in the main chat making a
challenge so I jump into his room , and he says ok ff BGJ, so IM down with that ,   lets rock..
we get into the game and I kill him once and he types out ok lets play with sabers only nf
I say ok np... we the rest is history ,......ScreenShot

JOTS JOTS_CapHuge 10
WS WS1_Nash 0


                                6/20/98 WIN
looks like BOR broke up some what they have a new page and now maybe
they wont only post there wins hehe, Guy left the game I think he was mad....
Game was what they like no force battle ground jedi ....well what is that now hmm 6 to 0 for me
Vs bor ....WOOF...........ScreenShot

BOR BOR_DarkRuler 0

                                  6/18/98 WIN
Well it looks like the dog of the pound himself is rocking again nice to see kendo whacking ass
again  takes on 3 in this game ..........ScreenShot

JOTS JOTS_KendoJedi 8
RS RS_Inferno 5
RS RS_Lasher 2
RS RS_Hydra 0


                                    6/17/98 Lost
Oh well can't win them all  I guess, This guy was dam good It was hard getting close to him,
Lag wasn't the greatest ,, Game was NF sabers BGJ

JOTS CapHuge 2
JCS Krumb 5


                                    6/17/98 WIN
Max's Comments) Well I just have to say these people are cool. The games were intense.
First was teams me and Oz vs them. It was FF Spaceport. It was obvious that Empress
was a rookie, but Tom's definitely an expert. They were both great sports..
Spaceport game  me 26,,oz 10 ,tom 9 ,empress 1...ScreenShot

JOTS JOTS_Czar_Max & JOTS_Oz1310 36
nEw nEw_Tom & nEw_Empress 10


                                   6/17/98 TIE
Max's Comments) Then we played a FF sabers game at Cloud City. It was just me and Tom.
This one was a tie, and it was I who left. If we continued, he could have very well won.
There was just way too much lag. He'd die like 20 seconds after I hit him.
So anyway, I look forward to playing NeW again anytime.

JOTS JOTS_Czar_Max 8
nEw nEw_Tom 8