Image By huge..!

              8/15/98 WIN
Valiant is now  learning the keyboard mouse combo, Nice game val....BGJ NF

JOTS Valiant 36
NRS Spock 18
NRS Bballer 13


              8/15/98 Lost
Looks like 12 finally lost one to nrs, Nice game Sephiroth....BGJ NF

JOTS 12Disciple 12
NRS ADM_Sephiroth 15


              8/15/98 WIN
Gen's Comments)
cargo pers. teams , i challenged 3 sfx to a fight but only 2 showed , the game was set for 20 pts but
i killed each 1 more time before it ended....hehe 2 on 1  ouch ,,,,nice game dog.....
Game 1 Pers teams Win

JOTS Generator 22
SFX Hypermonkey  &  Meda_Nnight 6

Game 2 nf sabers Win
Gen's Comments)
SFX again trying to say they specialty was NF sabers,well I suck at nf sabers so
what's this say about them, I thought it would be thougher than it was...Grrrrr

JOTS Generator 10
SFX Meda_Knight 9
SFX Hypermonkey 5

               8/15/98 WIN
12 and Valiant team up for 2 games vs NRS , winning both poor old valiant wasent much help on
the 1st game with 12 getting all 15 points hehe .. but held his own in the 2nd.....
1st game tower f6 WIN

JOTS 12Disciple & Valiant 15
NRS Preacher & Headhunter 12

2nd game bgj nf WIN

JOTS 12Disciple & Valiant 10
NRS Preacher & Headhunter 7


               8/14/98 WIN
Looks like after I left the zone old 12 did it solo on NRS

JOTS 12Disciple 10
NRS Delore 0


               8/14/98 WIN
Well not allot to talk about just some good old asswhoopin at jk again ....Tower FF

JOTS CapHuge & 12Disciple 10
NRS Headhunter & Preacher 3


               8/13/98 WIN
Well allies is looking to play a clan game , I just happen to see this room  named VJ vs ??? ....
well I ram my LardAss in there and say woof, then kunt pops in and we say zUp, they say nf sabers
well kunt don't play that shit so I told him to send in the allies man, waiting on allies to get da _uck
in here the VJ_Death dude says don't worry whyl, we will destroy theses guys !    hahahahahah
IM the hole time not saying a word , ok allies pops in Grrrrrrr, its party time , I say ok what map
he says Throne room NF ,,,, IM LIKE BLOWING A NUT .... HELL YA LeeeeT's do___IT .....
the rest is history .......ScreenShot

JOTS CapHuge  &  Allies 19
VJ DarthVader  &  Whyldekerde 8


                8/13/98 WIN
Well this guy was just to dam stupid,  he keep running his mouth at allies , on asteroids saying come
play me at nar , and ofcourse we know allies don't have jk , so I but in who want's to play jk hehe
Told him to bring his ass to nar, and let rock, well I get there his mouth still running how jots sucks
so IM like ok lets just see  FF bgj and all is well....the little bastard leaves the game early and calls me
a hack ___Grrrrr....ScreenShot

JOTS CapHuge 4
NRSF GrSecsolo 0


                8/13/98 WIN
Well this guy was coo,and during the game asked me if im happy with jots hehe right before he
asked me if i wanted to join JRA, i told him im the leader of jots ...nice game dog   nf sabers bgj

JOTS CapHuge 4
JRA JM_Mario 1


                 8/10/98 WIN
There were two games played here , 1st game being FF and the second  one NF sabers
Kunt spanked on the ff side while getting spanked at nf ......Nice game slicer Maybe one day
the guy will take me up on all the times I challenged him .Grrrrr.
Game one FF WIN

JOTS Kuantnom 7
JE Ad7_Slicer 1

Game two NF Lost

JOTS Kuantnom 12
JE Ad7_Slicer 3


                 8/08/98 WIN
this guy was talkin smack bout JOTS and then botted me fron da lobby....
then I challenges his ass all over da MAIN... so.. then I backed It upwit a6- 3 win which was
scheduled to 7 but he pussied OUT! hahahah!

JOTS 12Disciple 6
NRS ADM_Duchess 3


                 8/04/98 WIN
Well now this  is  JUTS TO SWEET ! ouch ...ScreenShot

JOTS Czar_Max & Shazam 82
JM Lord_Zinj & Cougar 15


                 8/04/98 WIN
MaxePad doing the wild thing !

JOTS Czar_Max 13
JM Cougar -2


                  8/04/98 WIN
Gen's Comments)
I Want More they  piss me off it was FF. Throne (His Choice).....ScreenShot

JOTS Generator 10
SFX Disciple 2


                   8/03/98 WIN
12 with a rematch with Punkcommado ...

JOTS 12Disciple 11
SK Punkcommado 4


                   8/03/98 WIN
A good game took every bit of 40 min.. Battle ground Jedi no force...

JOTS CapHuge 10
IRG Duce 5


                    8/02/98 WIN
12's Comments) All I gotta say is WOOF! ! ! TOWER FF!!!!!!!..ScreenShot

JOTS 12Disciple 16
DJBH Master & Death & Freigo -7


                     8/01/98 WIN
Gen's comments) This guy should use absorb ! 

JOTS Generator 7
ID DarkRealm 1


                      7/31/98 WIN
Dolly's Comments)
THX1183 quit early on account of "The game's becoming to laggy".Interesting.I didn't notice at all.

JOTS Dolameck 8
ID THX1183 1

                      7/31/98 WIN
Dolly's Comments)
I played ID_Antagony (skystalker in tha game) in nf sabres on throneroom... ScreenShot

JOTS Dolameck 20
ID Antagony 5


                       7/31/98 WIN
12 takes on two more ouch game was oasis FF...

JOTS 12Disciple 16
DO DarkAngel & Lacroix 10


                       7/31/98 WIN
12 takes on two Lord of the tower NF...

JOTS 12Disciple 15
JDB ZobTurner & SkullBasher 3


                        7/29/98 WIN
Gen's Comments
hahahahah this guy wanted me to train him , but i declined with apolite "im not in the training bussniess, im in the killing bussness"oh well ...woof

JOTS Generator 10
KGB Hobbes 2


                          7/28/98 WIN
12's Comments
Ok this gut boots me at first for acusing me of hacking...ok...Whatever.So I go back into the game
w/ a unbootable name. (JOTSDontHacklili) Then Ibust his ass even worse for the humiliation!
I hate being accused ofhacking by a rookie clan like SK!! _uck you SK !!!HEHEHEHE WOOF!!
Game was Hotel / NF

JOTS 12Disciple 12
SK PunkCommander 6


                           7/25/98 WIN
Dollys Comments
Prophecy was a good player. The game was to 15. I fell offthe ledge like4 times and he did twice.
Good game proph. .......ScreenShot

JOTS Dolameck 15
435 Prophecy 13

                             7/25/98 WIN
Dolly's Comments
I played KYA_ANTHRAX_ in a NF scouts game.This was my first time playing scouts,
so he almost beat me until I learned his
strategy and exploited it. Thanks for teaching me scouts ANTHRAX!!.... ScreenShot

JOTS Dolameck 16
KYA Anthrax 15


                              7/23/98 WIN
Well another challenge in the mail this time it was COTH never herd of them personally
well we were gonna play 2 on 2  but I was late to the game and isn't must have already left
when I got there Josh was in a game , after he came out we decided to play battle ground FF
So it was me and 2 coths all for all game, after I killed them 5 times Josh said ok man NF sabers
Aight with me , so I kill them a few more times , and josh starts using force again hahaha
Well I hide reset my trusty PowerPad pro stick back to FF and splat ,,...ScreenShot

JOTS CapHuge 20
COTH Skywalker 1


                               7/22/98 WIN
12 the voodoo child ....john left the game early was set to go to 10

JOTS 12Disciple 5
AOTF John_Doe -1


                               7/21/98 Lost
Gen's Comments)   I Lost .

JOTS Generator 6
435 God 20


                                 7/19/98 WIN
Generator vs SLJ ..woof

JOTS Generator 10
SLJ Dachande 4
SLJ Temujin 0


                                  7/18/98 WIN
12 ,OB and LOTS hehe

JOTS 12Disciple 10
OB ThaNose 0
LOTS YoungNed -1


                                  7/18/98 WIN
Well this guy was coo, I found a challenge in my email from the challenge form on da page
So I page him on icq , to set up a time for us to play , He said I want to play you , Aight
Well he had little skill at Sabers NF but was nothing but cool the hole game...

JOTS CapHuge 10
DEX Hal 0


                                  7/16/98 WIN
12 and another win .. NF sabers

JOTS 12Disciple 20
NRS SBR_Friend 3


                                 7/16/98 WIN
12 and one more win  NF sabers

JOTS 12Disciple 4
SF LightSaber 1
NRS Prime 0