9/15/98 WIN
Max's Comments)
Well, this is the second battle between me and Scip. The first one was a tie, 8 to 8.
Cap never posted it for some reason. This time it's far from a tie. The Scip man hasn't been playing
very well lately, and it shows.
He's still a great contender for the MCT's scouts section though...ScreenShot.

JOTS Czar_Max 49
MoD Scripio 35

                   Last game Max and Scripio Tie

JOTS Czar_Max 8
MoD Scripio 8


                  9/15/98 WIN
Well after loosing my NF game I had to whoop some ass so I made a room named bgj ff , Here Comes
Allies , well he needs the practice hey .. we start up the game and in pops this guy named EM_Vilecain
he was cool at 1st but after a few kills and he became a crybaby , Every time I killed him all he could do
was cry ,  I mean hey EM if you guys call yourself a clan 1st thing you need to do is get rid of this asshole
My score finally got to 40  he was at 1 and allies was at 5 ...So I stop playing to see how allies would do
Well allies would kill him and again this cry baby says your a bunch of hacks hahaha !!!   I HATE HACKS
Anyhow  the score ended up  40 me , 12 allies , and 2 for CRY BABY>>>>Then he starts in with IM gonna
take a screenshot and post it and say you guys hack ... SO WHAT everyone knows I don't hack >>>
So he starts in with this self killing him... I just leave ....   SCREENSHOT

JOTS CapHuge 40
JOTS Allies 12
EM Vilecain 2


                  9/15/98 Lost
Well you don't win them all sorry for me and good for him , Guy had lots of skill and took me to
long to figure out .... BGJ NF ....

JOTS CapHuge 1
BF Canuck 3


                 9/11/98 WIN
Well Zappo is one of the best players on the Zone, and I respect that.
He came online and told me that he wanted toplay me because I was the last formidable obstacle
in JOTS. So I said ok. Since I was already hosting a Scouts game, we just decided to play that.
Well, the score speaks foritself, but he was one of the best I've ever played. He ain't noMoD_Scipio,
but he's definitely competent. Disregard the LotJ guybecausehe joined late. .... ScreenShot

JOTS Czar_Max 30
JKE Zappo 19


                  9/10/98 WIN
Max's Comments)
I had to leave before we finished, but you can pretty much see where the game was going.
The guy was amazingly cool though, and I will definitely play him again....ScreenShot

JOTS Czar_Max 7


                  9/10/98 WIN
12 and Nrs again and this time it was close ..and he was a good sport ....

JOTS 12Disciple 5
NRS MTber 3


                 9/10/98 WIN
12's Comments)
This guy enters my Bespin ff game and I start Kickin his ass... well then..he starts accusing me
that I hacked my force powers! LOL so I get mouthywith him.
Then I ZM his ass laughing that I just wasted him 40 to 5 inBESPIN.
Then he challenges me to a sabers nf game. Well the rest is history and so was his ass!!!!!!!!!!

JOTS 12Disciple 22
RK DarkJedi 13


                  9/06/98 WIN
Max's Comments)
Well FM stands for Force Masters. Hmmmmm. Both games we played were with force.
They really didn't seem like they have mastered it at all. Every man for himself game..ScreenShot

JOTS Czar_Max 19
JOTS 12Disciple 2
FM Hunter 2
FM Obi_Wan -5


                   9/06/98 WIN
Max's Comments)
The guys just kept complaining the whole time. "That's cheap....f--k that......f--k this...
" Oh well, I don't blame them. Just look at the score....ScreenShot

JOTS Czar_Max & 12Disciple 26
FM Hunter & Obi_Wan 8


                   9/05/98 WIN
Little piss-ant left the game mad , BGJ NF was set to 10

JOTS CapHuge 4
JE or3_Fratros 0


                   9/05/98 WIN
Wow, you have seen Lots , Djots, now Mots hehe dam ....BGJ NF

JOTS CapHuge 8
MotS Seven 0


                    9/05/98 WIN
12 and a little fun ....

JOTS 12Disciple 6
DK Draconis -4


                     9/03/98 WIN
Well maxi pages me and tells me to get on nar ! IM like shit max is playing jk not mots boy must
still have jet lag .... Well I get there and max says bespin ff , IM like shit I haven't played bespin in like
a year hehe... So I come back with bgj ff , the two army guys say hell ya were good at bgj hehehe
Well it didn't take long for me to get board , so while we were kickin I was watching football .
..Game was Battle ground jedi FF.....ScreenShot

JOTS CapHuge & Czar_Max 60
Army Gnr_Mark & C12_Viper 15


                     9/03/98 WIN
12 is back on track with this little ass beating ....Tower FF

JOTS 12Disciple 100
SGA Jodo_Cast 37


                     9/03/98 WIN
Max'sComments)This guy was really cool, but he got kinda pissed. My scorewasactually more,
but he left without saying anything so I didn't havetime totake another screenshot.
KotS is Knights of the Sith. I guess Jedis arestronger than Knights huh?..game was Bespin..ScreenShot

JOTS Czar_Max 20
KOTS Evenflow 1


                     9/02/98 WIN
12 rocks DJA , and may I say very hard ..... Nice one

JOTS 12Disciple 34
DJA Hobbes 4


                     9/02/98 WIN
Guess who is back yep its maxipad..
Max'sComments)Comments: They said they were some of the best scouts of the net.
Well,they aren't bad, but I'm not sure if they're the best. game was scouts ..ScreenShot

JOTS Czar_Max 23
MoD Nighstrike 14
MoD Nemisis 10


                     8/29/98 WIN
And yet another win from allies nice close win allies....Homestead NF

JOTS Allies 18
MoD Dengar 10


                     8/28/98 WIN
Allies getting bussy his 3rd post in like 3 days woof... nice win dog...Homestead FF/NF

JOTS Allies 40
ID Zelech 10


                     8/28/98 WIN
Gen and Allies team up for a nice little win good game guys....Cargo FF......ScreenShot

JOTS Generator & Allies 30
KOA JJJON & Magicstar1 11

                      8/26/98 WIN
Well man calling me a hack is like saying Bill Clinton don't Lie , so he just up and leaves the game
That waz set for 10 .... BGJ NF

JOTS CapHuge 4
NRS Spiderman 0


                       8/26/98 WIN
Well there is nothing better than being called a hack ! woof , Guy joins my NF saber room with his
balls hung high , well didn't take long for him to bow to huge ....BGJ NF

JOTS CapHuge 8
BORG Z_Seven 0


                        8/26/98 Lost
Kunt and Gen just a little short here .. Nice game Dik.. Cargo FF

JOTS Generator & Kuatnom 20
DIK Wagner & Bragg 30


                         8/26/98 WIN
Kunt and 3 in a every man for himself game Cargo soldiers ..

JOTS Kantnom 111
Demon Nighmare 80
LotJ Godzilla 48


                          8/23/98 WIN
This was a every man for himself game . and gen came out on top ...ScreenShot

JOTS Generator 68
nEw Ij 41
Dex Mejhn 38
KoA Jon_Doe5 7


                          8/23/98 WIN
Kunt and a little magic.This guy is coming of age my friends look out ...ScreenShot

JOTS Kuatnom 17
ID Darkrealm 0


                     8/22/98 WIN
Man this hurts hehe ..game was ff tower ...ScreenShot

JOTS 12Disciple 37
EJM Slayer 7


                          8/21/98 WIN
Allies and a old friend , woof . Game was NF homestead

JOTS Allies 10
GS Atrueplaya 2


                           8/21/98 WIN 
To bad they couldn't finish the game ....Grrrr

JOTS 12Disciple 3
JE or should we call them JAM of2_Kadgar 0


                           8/19/98 WIN                       
Well this guy needs his ass kicked again ! the 1st game was coo he never said a thing took his
asswhopin with style , But in the second game which was set for 10 after I killed him the 3rd and 4th
time all he could say is your cheap ...WTF just cause you cant defend your self against my
and saber, hehe.. he  was using the light side,  so he just up and leaves the game early .....Grrrr
Game one BGJ NF Game Two BGJ FF
Game  1.....Bgj nf

JOTS CapHuge 8
XTS Valleyz 1

Game 2 .....Bgj ff

JOTS CapHuge 4
XTS Valleyz 0


                           8/19/98 WIN
Well here I am drunk as a monkey , Inst is trying to get noogy to play him in a game of NF sabers ,
Clones on the zone are making bets on the outcome.. Will this one guy says I take noggy !
IM like coo lets play a quick game shall we , throne room to 8 coo he says aight....!
He was very cool the hole game and he says aight you beat me , when the score was 7-2 ....

JOTS CapHuge 7
OotCS Kamikazee 2


                           8/19/98 Lost
Man talk about a dog spanking good game, Zeus was rocking like a monkey ,and Kunt was doing
all he could do to keep us in the game, Sorry kunt for starting out really slow .....Cargo FF

JOTS Kuatnom & CapHuge 47
JM Zeus & Whiz 50


                           8/19/98 WIN
Kuatnom nice game dog your game is getting better all the time ....Cargo FF

JOTS Kuatnom 14
SFX JediHunter 4


                           8/18/98 WIN
Well another NRS goes down ... Ouch game was bgj NF to 5 ...

JOTS Disciple 5
NRS Phantom 2


                           8/18/98 WIN
Dola, had a time with these 2 , it was Pers spaceport all for all game and dolameck came out on top

JOTS Dolameck 24
ID Darkrealm 6
VJ Max 6


                            8/17/98 WIN
Well IM just spanking around the zone , and there in the main some ass is running his mouth ,
KeO_Leader  , any clan dare play us come now ! , hehehe IM like aight that smokes my ass
Hey KEO COME TO 8 now I say , Pause , lord sappo says shut up cap hehe, Well I wait there
for a bit , wham this guy pops in named KeO_pyro woof , IM like ok sabers NF ! ready he
says come on lets play ..... WOOF
well I start up the game- take this puppy to throne room NF , he joins the room and right off his
mouth opens he says  TALK IS CHEEP !! hmmm.. I say game to 8  LET ROCK !!!  

JOTS CapHuge 8
KeO Pyro 0

                              8/17/98 TIE
Well nice game diore ,,,

JOTS Kuatnom 15
JWL Diore 15


                              8/16/98 WIN
Now this rub's ass Two games played here and we ran away with both of them ...woof
Game one win

JOTS Kuatnom & Generator 18
VJ Fixxer & Ishamael 7

Game two win

JOTS Kuatnom & Generator 149
VJ Fixxer & Ishamael 56


                               8/16/98 WIN
Allies got his 1st 1 on 1 saber win and whew against ex ouch ...Nice one dog !

JOTS Allies 10
435 Exaltedone 7