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                                                   Battle history for October

         10/28/98 Lost
Kunt's Comments:
Cargo FF Well these guys are tough opponents, and they weren't gloating quite as much as
I expected them to.. but I dunno why ex was being so anti-JOTS.. I can understand DIK,
but.. oh well.. Anyway.. as you cansee, we post out losses. If this game had gone the other way..
It would NEVER make it to DIK's battle page, I don't know if 435 posts their battles but
I know about DIK. Well anyway GG guys, even though it's DIK  hehe.

JOTS Kuatnom  &  Generator 43
DIK  &  435 Americano  &  Exaltedone 61


          10/27/98 WIN
Kunt's Comments
Well Keen and I started a JOTS vs a clan room.. and ex andwolf came in..
I said cargo ff and we went at it... ex got the mostpoints..
but wolf is not a jedi player, so we won because of that.60-51 us.. GG guys.

JOTS Kunt  &  Keen 60
KYA  &  435 Wolfpac & Exaltedone 51


           10/20/98 WIN
Old scooby taking zappo down ..its just too sweet.....Cargo pers... ScreenShot
This game was played like 3 or 4 weeks ago....

JOTS ScoobyDee 37
JKE Zappo 34


           10/26/98 WIN
Scoob's Comments:
This occured tuesday the 20th. I impressed myself consideringit was ff. Woohoo
Throne room FF.........ScreenShot

JOTS ScoobyDee 12
OotCS Carnage 6
Demon ExarKun 0


            10/25/98 WIN
Scoob's Comments:
Even tho Symon was the bh which i hate i managed very well.Used mines alot. KaBOOM
game Cargo pers....
Nice game scooby.. dam look out for this foam at the mouth dog...

JOTS ScoobyDee 71
LotJ Symon 26
MDS Wildside 20


           10/25/98 WIN
Well I talked old allies into playing oasis .. hehe..and it was fun,  Knight had some seriouse lag
I mean lag like ive never seen ...but it was cool we took them...Oasis FF......ScreenShot

JOTS CapHuge  &  Allies 37
PC UnderLord  &  Knight 32


           10/25/98 WIN
Well this guy hehe...what can I say ....ok wont say shit....BGJ FF

JOTS CapHuge 10
PC VaderLord 1


            10/25/98 WIN
Scoob's Comments:
Well i chose my trusty soldier since theres a few seekershiding. Basically i stayed uptop as much as i could
as to avoid Game316onslaught of Carbo. Hehe......ScreenShot

JOTS ScoobyDee 17
LotJ Game316 5
Ash Ash_30 6


             10/25/98 WIN
Scoob's Comments
All too easy... lucky for the host the game was set for ascore limit of 7...
I chose to be a jedi for the practice. Woof... Game Pers Fortress...ScreenShot

JOTS ScoobyDee 7
JFK Flyingteam 3
TIJ Silencer 0


              10/25/98 WIN
Scoob's Comments:
So Erebor calls me up and starts asking me for MOE. Hehe NP isay...I call up 12 for a piece
of MOE and val tried to enter but he gotall laggy. After some well placed mines and the
HUGE Assortment of rails thermals I was on my way. Woof.......ScreenShot
Game CargoShip every man for himslef ..

JOTS ScoobyDee 17
MOE Erebor 6
JOTS 12Disciple 2


              10/24/98 WIN
This guy was cool and had some skill at sabers...but I was just to pissed...My
Football team is loosing and I took it out on him....BGJ NF ..ScreenShot

JOTS CapHuge 10
SA Mystical 1


              10/24/98 WIN
This guy was easy but had some skill..nice kid only thing that pissed me off was
he left the game early ... BGJ NF...ScreenShot

JOTS CapHuge 8
CSM Kam_187 -1


              10/23/98 WIN
Valley girl goes off on id..nice one val.....

JOTS Valiant 5
JKE JKE_Idmir 3


               10/23/98 WIN
Hehe  man JE is bad....they aways run there mouth and then get it stamped shut...
during the end striker keep saying  you cant beat me at nf sabers
and when I get back to the main he is gone... oh well until next was FF BGJ.

JOTS CapHuge  &  Allies 21
JE Shock  &  Striker 8


               10/22/98 WIN
Another god drop's into my room ...and with the same results...BGJ NF....

JOTS CapHuge 10
GOD Chemoleon 3


               10/22/98 WIN
This girl i thougt was cool antill I went up 2 to 0 and she starts asking qustions like im a hack
and then starts crying about the lag ... well i pinged her at 1234 so if any thing I was at a
disavantage...anyhow she says i cant play when we get back to the main
her and old ex start running there mouths why i have no idea... Throne room NF...

JOTS CapHuge 2


                10/22/98 Lost
Well this was the second game I played bjork..and she did whopp me...very good player and
But as always IM not one to cry.about the game, and I do post my losses as well..ff cargo

JOTS CapHuge 7


                10/20/98 WIN
Well I wasn't gonna post this one.. but as far as I can see they have not posted one of are
wins on there was throneroom NF.....

JOTS CapHuge 10
DIK Americano 8


                10/20/98 WIN
12's Comments
Very Good competitor.... but, if he wans't cheap with thedeadly sight, I woulda KILLED him,
half his kills were deadly was Oasis FF

JOTS 12Disciple 37
CB Trooper 35


                 10/20/98 WIN
God.. went down again.. but he was cool even though he up and says I half to go after I get
3 was BGJ NF

JOTS CapHuge 3
GOD Ace_A 0

                  10/20/98 Lost
Man what a game .. it took awhile but was fun 1st real challenge Ive had at sabers since
I started playing again...ID went wild for the 1st 3 kills and I came back .then we ended
up at 9 apiece..and I lost hehe..but it was a real game.....Throne room NF..

JOTS CapHuge 9
JKE Idmir 10


                  10/20/98 WIN
Well its just to sweet when allies plays jk , we have yet to losse a team game..he was rocking
I couldnt kill shit.. for the 1st 5 min..but started jammin ...Game was BGJ FF   ScreenShot

JOTS CapHuge  &  Allies 35
Knight AzAzel  &  JoeCool 15


                  10/18/98 WIN
Kunt and another win..kunt is getting back to form ..Look out his ass is blowing up all over the zone

JOTS Kuantnom 16
GI mcJhn 7


                   10/18/98 WIN
Me and kunt played nEw and it was fun as hell... i forgot to set up my force 7 guy with absorb
So it was a litlle close hehe....Kunt had the most kills, game was cargo ship.....

JOTS Kuantnom  &  Huge 78
nEw Bar_Tender  &  futurpen 45


                   10/17/98 WIN
12's comments:
this guy KICKS me twice so I enter a third time with an ASCIIname so he cant boot.
The reason the first time was he said I hacked.I found out that he always boots the ppl who
beat him, LOL! So I beathis ass 18- 3 (Shoulda been 25-0, but I was BOOTED)
using an ASCII nameso he couldn't be an asshole and boot me. Hahahahahahaha
NOW, who INJOTS WANTS SOME OF 12's FF style?!?!?!?

JOTS 12Disciple 18


                   10/15/98 Lost
Oh yes I just love a good asswhoopin .well when its me doing the whooping,
Wagner took me out and left me there...nice game wag ...I did manage one kill
how I have no idea with the lag .....

JOTS CapHuge 1
DIK Wagner 10


                   10/14/98 WIN
12's Commenets:
Good competitor... but not good enough... Tower FF

JOTS 12Disciple 20
WD Khan 0


                   10/14/98 WIN
Val's Comments:

JOTS Valiant 10
DIK Americano 8


                   10/14/98 WIN
Scoob's Comments:
good game all around..even kunt behaved himself...haah game was cargo pers all on all

JOTS ScoobyDee 57
Punk_Axe Punk_Axe 38
JOTS Kuatnom 36
nEw Neuron 26


                   10/14/98 WIN
Q's Comments:
Gantry isnt my Fav level but it will do when ya got killin onthe mind.
hehe I gotta learn not to fall off the the walk ways hehe. But still a fun game.

JOTS Quintaal 29
BJ's Jamesallen 6


                   10/14/98 WIN
Val's Comments: He was rusty  game was Gantry nf

JOTS Valiant 20
435 Exaltedone 14


                   10/14/98 WIN
12's Comments :  wuss outer wuss game was Tower FF

JOTS 12Disciple 20
CL SINister 1


                   10/14/98 WIN
Q's Comments: There was also an odd one playing named Ghost who had 8

JOTS Quintaal 25
LotJ Effex10 19


                   10/13/98 WIN
Allies Comments:
Some people came, but in the middle Winter Jade came along,but im not gonna include her..
i started to go easy on atrueplaya, butthen he started picking on the other players,
so i asked him to some duels, and guess what? I won them all..Both me and
Winter got pissed at Playa for getting the revive during duels. Then he accused me of getting
them in battle (which i only did once because i walked into itas it respawned)
so that got me REAL pissed off. Winter also was getting pissed cause she was getting killed
while talking..I only haveto say one thing...
No one EVER accuses Allies of something he DOESNT  Game was Homestead NF

JOTS Allies 41
GF Qpan 36
GS atrueplaya 38


                   10/13/98 Lost
Scoob's Comments:
OK to all my clan members...i have been neglecting my sworn duty...
from now on i shall make the effort (worthy of a clan elder) to post wins and losses. Woof
Game was Throne room NF.

JOTS ScoobyDee 3
DIJ Sithlord 5


                   10/13/98 WIN
Scoob's Comments:  Yawn ,
He takes on two here- Game Cargo Per's... !

JOTS ScoobyDee 15
BJ's Jamesallen  &  Simo 1


                    10/12/98 Lost
Allies Comments:
Well, i was on top at first..winning by at least 7, thenMaster hit his groove
and then came out on top...At first, this wasgonna be a game against MoD,
but MoD_Moon quit in the game cause hesaid "you guys are too good!" LOL..
others came, but didnt affect thegame.there was lag at some points, but it favored no one..
Every man for himself game ....Cargo FF

JOTS Allies 50
KYA Master 64
nEw Fiend 30


                     10/12/98 WIN
Allies's Comments:
Well, this was the 3rd game i've played with moon in 2 days,and the 1st one she hacked in..
and the second she left in the gamesaying "You guys are too good!
" Finally she wanted a rematch, so iplayed her..and well, i guess MoD lets anyone in nowadays...
At leastshe finished the game this time..Game was Homestead FF

JOTS Allies 10


                     10/12/98 WIN
12's Comments: 
This guy called me a cheap fuck for blowing his freakin headoff wit my conc..
so then I oblige and play Sabers FF..the rest..hahahahah well you know..da usual. I WON!
Game was Oasis FF

JOTS 12Disciple 20
JE _Tr1_inferno 1


                     10/10/98 WIN
Allies Comments:
Geez, first time i played Q (Quintaal), and man, does he like carb...hehe..LOA_Kyle
was lagged pretty much, and he used forceprotection so you get the idea..
but, he never could get us.. Game was Hutts Palace FF One for all

JOTS Quintaal 37
JOTS Allies 27
LOA LOA_Kyle-4 4


                      10/09/98 WIN
Well you know, its party time im back ... BGJ NF

JOTS CapHuge 9
MH Sebom17 3


                      10/09/98 WIN
Me and my saber its rusty but hey its still blood soaked...BGJ NF

JOTS CapHuge 6
JE Prl_Muska 2


                      10/09/98 WIN
Well its my second metting with JE and its fun... me and allies took the cake
Game was FF BGJ ....

JOTS CapHuge  &  Allies 30
JE Muska  &  Cowboy 10


                       10/08/98 WIN
Val's Comments:
Felt good. He was a very honorable warrior.. Game was BGJ NF
Nice to see ya rocking again val .. Look out for this wild dog on the zone....

JOTS Valiant 30
TA Renegade 19


                       10/08/98 WIN
Val's Comments:
That rocked. But I lag to much in Throne. From now on Ill doTatooine.
game was Throne room NF ...

JOTS Valiant 10
DIK Wagner 9


                      10/07/98 WIN
Max's Comments:
I joined the game after it had already started. Lag was horrible at first...
probably over 1000 for everybody. But it kinda got better half way through and that's when
I started getting points. It was free for all and JOTS won.
The DIJ guy refused to play Allies 1on1 cuz last time they played Al beat him 40 to 10. LOL.

JOTS Czar_Max 35
JOTS Allies 15
JOTS Quintail 17
DIJ Zelech 19


                      10/06/98 WIN
Well after letting up for what about 4 days 12 is back at it, the game was
Oasis NF  free for all ......

JOTS 12Disciple 30
RS HeatBeat 27
TJP kobra 26
TJP DirtyHarry 21


                      10/06/98 WIN
Ist time me and max have teamed up in a long while , and it was at Jk not mots this time ..
And both games we played pc were wins , both guys from pc were cool as hell but you can
tell they are newbies .. They wanted to play Gunz ff and we wanted to play  FF saebrs ..
So we descided on playing one of each.. 
1st game FF BGJ  to 21 ....ScreenShot

JOTS Czar_Max  &  CapHuge 21
PC Corban  &  Knight 6

2nd game  FF oasis 24 ..ScreenShot

JOTS Czar_Max  &  CapHuge 24
PC Corban  &  Knight -4

                      10/06/98 WIN
Poor guy , was cool the hole time through both games , The 1st was NF sabers throne room
the second game  Home stead FF. ... What a clan tag .hehe..
Throne room

JOTS CapHuge 8
BJ's J5785 0

Home Stead

JOTS CapHuge 15
BJ's J5785 1


                      10/02/98 WIN
Oh ya ... to much goin on at one time for me and my bud.....he leaves... wtf     set to 10

JOTS CapHuge 4
DL Gragwolf -1


                      10/02/98 WIN
Its time dog's ... BGJ NF

JOTS CapHuge 8
HD Mana 4


                      10/02/98 WIN
Oh yeh its party time .... Woof   the last of the bor fall ... NF BGJ !

JOTS CapHuge 12
BOR Ace25 1


                      9/20/98 WIN
Good lord 12 calm down dog, the end of the world is not here....BGJ NF

JOTS JOTS_12Disciple 4
SA SA_Annoris 0


                      9/20/98 WIN
12 still going , time for the slick 50 over haul ... 2 on 1

JOTS JOTS_12Disciple 17
EM EM_Blade  &  EM_Yoda 6


                    9/20/98 WIN
And one more for 12 ....vs BF

JOTS JOTS_12Disciple 15
BF BF_Snuf 7