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Jim's Maine Scuba Pics

Here are some pictures I took while scuba diving here in Maine.  All the underwater pictures were taken with an Ikelite
Aquashot II camera.  Click for the fullsize pics.

      Acadia Nat Park                     Jim                   Little Hunter's Beach,               Tim                  Acadia Nat Park
                                                                               Mount Desert Isle

                            Brittlestar                     Maine Lobster                   Anenomes                         Lumpfish

               Sea Peach                     Sanddollars                      Scallop                       Sculpin                      Starfish


                            Snail                               Claws!!                        Baby Lobster                           Mussel
                                                                                                      (in Tim's hand)
                White Starfish                    Sculpin                     Lumpfish                    Sea Peach                     Starfish

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