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Mike Hazlewood passes away.

Reto Studer (see below) informs us, from info verified via a phone conversation with Albert, that Mike Hazlewood passed away this past May from a heart attack while vacationing in Italy. He's best remembered for writing the words to many of Albert's hits (It Never Rains In Southern California, The Free Electric Band, The Peacemaker, The Air That I Breathe), as well as contributing lyrics to songs on the Van Dyke Parks/Brian Wilson project "Orange Crate Art". Reto has set up this website in his memory. He will be missed.

Reto Studer, over in Switzerland, has recently launched the inofficial albert hammond website. I highly recommend it!
Hey! Did you know Albert's son (Albert Hammond, Jr.) is in a band? Check out the official website for The Strokes here!
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