UKARIAH J. "Uke" BUNNY: Owing to his strong personality, Uke, a near-perfect double for Buster Bunny, (except for an eye patch he occasionally wears on advice of his optometrist) found himself appointed leader of the small resistance group who were fighting, at the time the Toonsters met them, the Lord High Mayor of Perfecto Plaza, Robert Rat (or so they thought...), who was trying to eliminate the sole heir to his position -- or should I say, heiress -- namely, Rebecca Rat.

1976: Ukariah Bunny is born, and for the next couple of decades or so, leads a pretty uneventful life. He does, however, exhibit strong leadership qualities as he grows up, and (as has already been mentioned) starts sporting an eye patch over his left eye at the age of eighteen on the advice of his eye doctor, since he developed a vision problem, and thinks that this will correct it. He figures, anyway, that even if it doesn't, it makes him look more dangerous... and it might give him an edge when auditioning for shirt commercials. Among his friends growing up are Catastrophe, Barb, and Rebecca.
1989: Uke discovers the underground passages in the Perfecto Forest, and thinks these would make a cool hideout for games of hide and seek. He doesn't yet know how right he'll be. With the help of Catastrophe, Rebecca, and a few others, he perfects the tunnel system that will, in a few short years, turn out to serve a more serious purpose.
1992: When the strange events start happening, Uke figures the best thing to do is go into hiding, which he does, deep within the underground system. Shortly over time, he organizes the small but fiercely loyal resistance movement, whose goal is to overthrow the Lord High Mayor and bring some sort of order out of the chaos that engulfs Perfecto Plaza. Unfortunately, their initial training sessions are disasters, and it's only when Fala Fume and Sheryl the Loon (who arrive from an uncharted mountain region) show up and organize their training that the pieces fall into place.
1993: While scouting the Mayor's headquarters, Uke rescues his old pal Rebecca, literally, from his clutches, and spirits her away to the underground hideout, where she remains for the next three years. Because of this, the Mayor puts a death sentence on both Rebecca and Uke.
1996: Uke and the others meet the Tiny Toons for the first time, and once both groups get over the shock of their similarites, they hit it off famously. The only exception seems to be between Uke and Alex Redolence, who develop an instant animosity, although that is soon resolved. Once the Mayor is defeated (they think), Ukariah assumes the office at the request of Rebecca (who would actually inherit the job, except she doesn't want it) until elections can be held ("Parallel Parking"). Uke quickly assembles his ragtag group into a makeshift government, who waste no time restoring peace and tranquility to Perfecto Plaza. The only dark cloud on his horizon seems to be the disappearance of the city's treasury, so he summons Rebecca back from Acme Acres. (Of course, the Toonsters come along for the ride, accompanied this time by Bugs Bunny, whom Uke is a longtime fan of!). As it turns out, the treasury isn't so much missing as right under their noses! In the interim, he's also designed and commissioned a statue of the Toonsters and Alex to be placed prominently in the city park; and Rhubella suggests he oughta get over his infatuation with rats (namely, her!) and take up rabbits as a hobby (namely, Barb!!). Barb is only too willing to oblige him... a fact which initially unnerves the otherwise fearless bunny!!! ("Parallel Bars...") Later on, he, Barb, and an injured Catastrophe visit Acme Acres and discover that the Lord High Mayor wasn't really defeated after all, causing Alex and the Toonsters to revisit Perfecto Plaza one more time, where they learn that, in fact, the Mayor wasn't even the Mayor to begin with! Once that's resolved, Uke, Barb, Catastrophe and Rebecca return permanently to Perfecto ("The Rat Stuff").

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