Howdy. As you probably know by now, there are enough websites for Terry Scott Taylor and his various musical incarnations (Daniel Amos, Swirling Eddies, Lost Dogs, solo albums, etc.) to fill a good sized computer monitor. (Check the links sections at Stunt Records or DanielAmos.com for proof!) There's even one dedicated to those lyrics TST's written that you can't find anywhere else. Unfortunately, it doesn't go far enough.

That's why this site is here.

From "COYOTE MOON" by Mercy River (1992): *-co-written with Randy Stonehill **co-written with Harold Wayne and Greg Kellogg
Note: "Reasonable Service" was later rerecorded by Lost Dogs on THE GREEN ROOM SERENADE. Check the music link at 77s.com.

From "D.O.X." by D.O.X. (Defenders Of The Cross) (1986):

From "the best of the LOST DOGS" by Lost Dogs (1999):

From "Gift Horse" by Lost Dogs (1999):

From "Big Big Town" by Riki Michele (1989):
++Lyrics by Terry Scott Taylor; Music by Gene Eugene.

Psst! If you're looking for the lyrics to the greatest surf album of all time, SURFONIC WATER REVIVAL, they're right here!

More lyrics on the way whenever I can uncover them...
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