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Sometimes Chess Is A Funny Game!

If you are a regular on these pages you already know about my pal Lew Hucks, his wry sense of humour and his poweress on the chess board. Lew and I have been corresponding for a year or two, discussing chess, books and the lousy state of the world. But, I didn't know until just last week that Lew was a cartoonist. As you might expect from a consummate duelist like Lew, the vagueries of the game and its players are his favorite subjects.

Of course all of this is not a big secret to anybody but me. Lew's art work in the Maryland state chess organization's newsletter took first place awards in the Chess Journalists of America competitions in 1983, 1984, and 1986.

After a hiatus in our correspondence Lew decided his old buddy down in Blue Ridge Mountains was dragging a bit and sent me one of his cartoons to cheer me up. One look and I fired off an email to Baltimore begging for more. Lew obliged and I decided to share them with the world via the web.

Here's a preview to whet your appetite. More are on the way!

Manovrbd.gif - 14.7 K

Well, what do you think? If you would like to see more, enter the gallery.

Please let us know what you think of this new feature!.

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