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Castello Shape Charts

These pages contain shape information on the Castello pipes. The information has been copied from the Castello Web Site. The arrangement of the information has been changed slightly to fit my pages. Please visit the Castello Web Site at It is a very good place to visit.
The chart will be continued over several pages for loading purposes. At the end is a page on Castello shapes that you will not want to miss.

Information and Numbers KEY:

SR [all carved Sea Rock finishes], OA [Old Antiquari sandblasted],TM [Trademark], CS [Castello "castello"], CO [Collection], EP [Epoca], FA [Collection - Fiammata], GL [Greatline - standard shapes], SL [Sculptured]. We have listed the "Key" finishes after each number to let you know which shapes are available in which finishes. These are based on the Castello pipes that we have either had in-stock or seen. While it is possible to have certain shapes in other than the listed "key" finishes, it is not at all common. The Perla Nera is not listed since it is so rare and basically only available in the "Dress oval-bowl shape". The new Sculptured finish is listed although very few are available, these have not become more common over the last couple of years, but may in the future. Note: Pipes that are finished in the "Sculptured" finish carry the "castello" or Collection grade and are only being listed as different models as a matter of information

#12 - Liverpool or long shanked, taper bit Billiard. Not a common shape;
runs small and not available in G/GG. [SR, CS]
14.gif (3550 bytes)#14 - Small to medium size Lovat with a saddle bit. Not too common a shape; runs fairly small and mostly in 2 or 3K sizes. Almost always found in Sea Rock finishes and can come (rarely) with an oval shank and actually be a short Canadian rather than a saddle bit, round shank Lovat. [SR, OA, TM]
15.gif (4216 bytes)#15 - Standard wide bowled Billiard or Pot. This is a very common shape that is found in all sizes including G/GG and all finishes. The #15 comes
with either a saddle bit, a taper bit or a stick bit & ferrule; the most common stem is the saddle. The basic shape varies from a billiard shape to a wider bowled Pot shape and is fairly common with square paneled sides. [SR, OA, TM, CS, CO, EP, FA, SL]

#15-Q - Classic medium size square panel with a square shank. This is a fairly new shape [1996] that is found in all standard sizes and all finishes, but most often the non-smooth finishes. Never seen in a G/GG size The #15-Q usually comes with a saddle bit, although a taper bit or a stick bit & ferrule is possible; the most common stem is the saddle. [SR, OA, TM, CS ]

16.gif (4166 bytes)#16 - Tall slender Billiard that can vary from a classic style to a slender stacked shape. This is a very common shape that is available in all finishes. These are usually found in all standard sizes although G/GG are not readily available. Taper bits are the most common although saddle its are available. [SR, OA, TM, CS, CO, EP]

#17 - Pot; Not a common shape and it is seldom seen. Most "Pots" are
stamped #15, so we do not have many details of this shape and can not
remember ever having one in-stock.

19.gif (4292 bytes)#19 - 1/8 or slightly bent long shank Billiard. This shape is usually found with a "wavy" top rim and almost always with a taper bit. These range from small to medium large, although they are usually not found in the G/GG sizes. Fairly common shape. [SR, OA, TM, CS, CO, EP]
23.gif (3695 bytes)#23 - Standard classic Apple with a taper bit. This is common shape that is readily available in "K" sizes. As of the late 1980's available in the G/GG size especially in Epoca, Sea Rock and Old Antiquari but not the higher grades. Almost always found with a rounded smooth polished top rim and thick walls. [SR, OA, TM, CS, CO, EP]

#24 - Prince (of Wales) with a slightly bent taper bit. This is a fairly
common shape, although the production is limited and few ever arrive in
the USA. Rarely found in smooth finishes or in G/GG sizes. We have seen this shape with a taper bit but usually with an army mount & stick bit. [SR, OA, TM, CO]

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