The Beauty...
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The Beauty

Copyright Oct 6/1997 Kate Kemery

The beauty of the person in front of you

Lies within your mind and soul

That you think of her or him all the time.

This is the way I fee about you.

In the kind of love that we could share as one and have some fun.

In the sand on a very beautiful beach of our own.

I'd room to cuddle with you

That we will share the warmth of our bodies as one

To see what will unfold on front of our eyes

To see the beauty on body laying next to me in the sand

As you put your hand a cross my to say,

As we are together that no one will ever hurt us as long as I am with you.

As your hand crosses my face, your face gets closer to mine

Where you begin to kiss me softly

As the other hand is touching me softly across my breast,

And you are beginning being your hand down my warm body

As you still kiss me deeply...