Feeling Within
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Feeling Within

Copyright Jan 8/1999 Kate Kemery

When I walked in from the cold and who I saw looking at me,
It was you smiling at me.
Feeling warm all over, before I even took of my coat,
Sitting in front of the fireplace,
Looking at it, seeing the flames of my life...
Telling me that it is you, my true love,
But do I really know you well enough yet?
But the fire, the flames are trying to tell me something...
Finding the true meaning behind each one of them,
Knowing I have a love that I have found in my life.
Do I dare ask you sit with me? Or keep quiet?
Let's see what happens with the flame in the fire first...
The flame of the fire ever lies,
The flame is my soul and fire is my heart,
But do I dare tell myself
I am in love or not?
My heart cries for love
And wanting to share my feelings,
But I am afraid the flame will burn out before I get a change...
To say how I am really feeling,
Not knowing how you really feel for me,
Wanting you to be happy in yourself,
And have the same flame from the same fire as I do...
Do I dare ask you?
Do you have the same feeling as I do?