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Preparing for battle
A female Geomancer is applying war paint to a male Geomancer's face. (In case you couldn't tell.) I think the Geomancer was one of the lamest job classes in tactics. The Geomancer in ff5, however, was quite a useful class because it could do a lot of damage, most of the time, with spells that didn't take mp to use. Pen, color.

Monk job class
Here we have the male monk trying to talk the female monk out of ending an argument with violence. For the monk job class picture, I had wanted to show them sparring with each other, but when I was drawing it, I changed my mind and did this instead. Pen, color.

Ninja job class
Pen, color.

"Now this won't hurt a bit. . ."
Pen, color.

Princess Ophelia, as lovely as a flower
"Even the beauty of this flower does not compare to the beauty of my princess," a noble squire comments as he holds a single flower out to the Princess Ophelia. I got the background from a medieval book I found at the library. It goes well with the drawing, ne? Pen, color.

SD Delita
My least favorite out of the series of SD tactics characters I'm doing.. I've always found Delita to be an interesting character. Selfish and concieted, only concerned with getting what he wants, he loses his human compassion in his fight to be given the opportunities the nobles had. Wasn't the ending of Tactics sad? I cried. -_- Pen, color.

SD Agrias
Pen, color.

SD Dancer
The dancer. A cool looking, but almost useless job class. Color, pen.

SD Chemist (female)
Color, pen.

SD Chemist (male)
Color, pen.

SD Squire (female)
"Prepare to fight." Yeah, yeah, I know.. that's a lame, cliche thing to say. ^^;; Live with it. Color, pen.

SD Bard
Color, pen.

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