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Times, Dates, and Festivals in Rokugan

There are 12 Rokugani Months in the year, each with 28 days. Spring begins.

High (Samurai) Low (common)
Sun ......Hare
Moon ......Dragon
Hantei ......Serpent
Akodo ......Horse
Doji ......Goat
Shiba ......Monkey
Bayushi ......Rooster
Shinjo ......Dog
Hida ......Boar
Togashi ......Rat
Fu Leng ......Ox
Tenth Son (mankind) ......Tiger


Oshogatsu New Year's Day day 1, month of the Hareflowers,paradesfireworks Rokugani people celebrate their "birthdays"Emperor prays for 24 hours for the well being of the nation. Upon completion, a feast is held to celebrate the relationship between Mother (Amaterasu) and Son

7-5-3 13th day of the dragon Celebrates the children of the Empire. 5 yr old boys and 7 & 3 yr old girls go to the local shrine where they are blessed and monks of Shintao pray for their futures.

Cherry Blossom Festival 23rd day of the dragon celebrates the unending cycle of the Celestial order: life, death, rebirth

Doll FestivalKite Festival 25th day of theSerpent girls show their dolls, boys fly kites. Children receive expensive gifts to use once they are adults

Choyo no SekkuChrysanthemum 6th day of the Horse believed to be the day the Kami fell to earth, all labor stops for 7 days, even peasants may not work. (on 10th day of the horse, everyone remains inside because it is believed that Shadowlands has bloody bonfire to celebrate Fu Leng rising from Festering Pit.)

Setsuban Festival 8th day of the Monkey Brightly tinged leaves celebrate autumn. Celebration of Peace. No man may shed blood.

Kanto Festival 2nd day of the Rooster ancient/pre-kami festival, Raise great poles of lumber w/ chips of rose quartz to drive away summer sleepiness

Bon Festival last day of the Dog Celebration to honor the dead. Ancestors evaluate your actions of the past year, expect atonement, offer advice

Festival of the River of Stars varies:astrological event Most Romantic day of the year. Lovers meet secretly while family is away at festival. Make wishes....

Festival of the Moon's Wrath during winter court. No speaking for two days, any spoken words may incur the wrath of Lord Moon

Shouting Day 4th day of the Tiger men of lower class relieve stress, etc by shouting at the top of their lungs to Osano-Wo.

Toshi No IchiYear end Festival last day of the Tiger prepare the empire for the new year. Houses cleaned, streets brushed, daimyo gives new clothes to all peasant

Togashi 7 day of the Hare Seven Festivals of the Kami: Dragon celebrates clan founder

Shinjo 20 day of the Horse Seven Festivals of the Kami: Unicorn celebrates clan founder

Bayushi 28 day of theGoat Seven Festivals of the Kami: Scorpion celebrates clan founder

Shiba 1 day of the Monkey Seven Festivals of the Kami: Phoenix celebrates clan founder

Doji 1 day of the Rooster (Crane) Seven Festivals of the Kami: Crane celebrates clan founder

Hida 3 day of the Boar Seven Festivals of the Kami: Crab celebrates clan founder

Akodo 15 day of the Tiger Seven Festivals of the Kami: Lion celebrates clan founder

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