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The Seven Fortunes

Mighty gods who transcend the world

Benten: Fortune of Romantic Love
Bishamon: Fortune of Strength
Ebisu: Fortune of honest work
Fukurokujin: Fortune of Wisdom
Hotoei: Fortune of Contentment
Jurojin: Fortune of Longevity
Daikoku: Fortune of Wealth

The Mikokami

The Mikokami are composed of Lesser nature spirits that inhabit all things and take more interest the lives of humans and Deified souls of the dead, (Some by Emperor's posthumous decree) Many of the Mikokami are only worshipped regionally.* A small number of the Mikokami that are worshiped were so before the fall of the Kami

Ekibyogami: Fortune of Plague and Pestilence
Emma-o: Fortune of death and judge of the underworld
Jizo: Fortune of Mercy
Musubi-no-Kami: Fortune of Marriage
Toyouke-Omikami: Fortune of Grain
Inari: Fortune of Grain
Isora: Fortune of The Seashore *(seashore)
Kaze-no-Kami: Fortune of the Wind
Kenro-ji-jin: Fortune of the soil
Kojin: Fortune of the Kitchen
Koshin: Fortune of Roads
Kuroshin: Fortune of Agriculture
Osano-Wo: Fortune of Fire and Thunder
Sengen: Fortune of Mt. Sengen *(Mt. Sengen)
Suitengu: Fortune of the sea *(Seaside, ships)
Tenjin: Fortune of writing/literature
Uzume: Fortune of Dancing
Megumi: Fortune of Heroic Guidance
Genbu: Tortoise, Fortune of the North *(Hokkan)
Seiryuu: Water Dragon, Fortune of the East *(Kutou)
Suzaku: Phoenix, Fortune of the South *(Konan)
Byakko: Tiger, Fortune of the West *(Sairo)

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