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MY CAPITAL TIME is a yearly column about my yearly trips to Washington, DC.
Although a few fanzines published parts of this column, if you wish to receive the whole column in paper plus two black and white pictures (for paper copies only; others get color pictures), I can send it to you for the following conditions:
You can order a hard copy by sending me a self-addressed, stamped, legal-sized envelope (SASE) if in the USA.
For those of you outside of the USA but in North America, please send a self-addressed, big-sized envelope (SAE) and one International Reply Coupon (IRC).
If you are overseas, send me two IRCs with your SAE.

For 2006, I visited--
(1) The Library of Congress--a palace of literature.
(2) The West Building of the National Gallery of Art--a palace of art.
(3) The East Building of the National Gallery of Art--as modern looking as the West Building is traditional.
(4) The White House Visitor Center--the next best thing to a tour of the White House, maybe better in some ways!
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