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MY CAPITAL TIME is a yearly column about my yearly trips to Washington, DC.
Although a few fanzines published parts of this column, if you wish to receive the whole column in paper plus two black and white pictures (for paper copies only; others get color pictures), I can send it to you for the following conditions:
You can order a hard copy by sending me a self-addressed, stamped, legal-sized envelope (SASE) if in the USA.
For those of you outside of the USA but in North America, please send a self-addressed, big-sized envelope (SAE) and one International Reply Coupon (IRC).
If you are overseas, send me two IRCs with your SAE.

For 2008, I visited--
(1) The Supreme Court of the United States--Inside this Neoclassical building, you can learn about the history and purpose of the third branch of the US government.
(2) The Hirshhorn Museum--Although this may not be the first Smithsonian museum that most people visit, once they see the modern art inside, their opinions range from "interesting" to "bizarre."
(3) The Naval Heritage Center--While it's not the first attraction on most people's "places-to-see" list, this center offers a look at the history of the US Navy and explains its function in today's world.
(4) The Decatur House--Once again, it's not a major attraction. But after looking at the outside of the nearby White House, it's worth a visit here to see how some people lived in the US Capital in the early 19th century.
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