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THE STATE I’M IN is a yearly column about my once-a-month New Jersey trips.
Some publications (magazines and newspapers) publish portions of this column.
However, if you wish to read the whole column, I sell that myself and include four color pictures.
This column will prove that there are more places to go to in NJ than Atlantic City.
To order paper copies within the USA, send $3; in North America outside of the USA, send $5 in USA funds; and overseas, send $10 in USA funds.
Issue #1:
1. PRINCETON UNIVERSITY-take a tour of this lovely campus and feel like an ivy-league student for a day--regardless of your SAT scores.
2. JOCKEY HOLLOW-learn about how an 18th-century farm family and George Washington’s troops coped with the winter of 1779-80.
3. LAMBERT CASTLE-Once upon a time, a boy came to America to seek his fortune; in the 1890s, he became rich enough to build a castle.
4. WATERLOO VILLAGE-Step back in time and learn about life in the 18th and 19th centuries in this village, as well as what life was like for the local Native Americans.
5. NEWARK MUSEUM-NJ’s largest museum, located in NJ’s largest city, is a first-class museum for the arts, both fine and decorative, and natural science.
6. GREAT ADVENTURE-If you like thrill rides, fun entertainment, or just walking around the 11 theme areas of the park, this place is worth a special day trip.
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