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What do we have here?

Welcome to my virtual island where the smart ass comments reign and the Krycek clones roam freely, with all their appendages attached!  Here's a list of things you can find during your visit!

Cast of Clones:  The cast of clones!  What clone does what. Including a new clone!

Deconstructions:  Breakdown and snarkings on chosen episodes.  Now featuring Detour!

Fanfiction:  Some things I've written to pass the time.  Hopefully they aren't too painful to read.  Now including part 7 of "Holiday Disaster" story five of the Swordswoman saga.

Information desk:  Where you can find the answers to such burning questions such as: "Who is this chick?" and "What the hell did she mean by that?"

Krycek and the X-Files Universe:  Why choose Krycek as an object of obsessions and other X-Files related musings.

The Monthly X-Files Poll:  Opinions on things X-Files.

Picture Gallery:  What happens when you put together a few pilfered JPEG's, a scanner, photo editing software and one obsessed Ratgirl.  

Rants:  A girl's gotta blow off steam somehow.   Missives about things that irk me on occasion.  Featuring a new rant!

Site map:  Got lost?  Find what you're looking for here!

Virtual Post Office:  Currently looking for a new place to host the stationery files.

What else is out there?  Some links to places you might be interested in.

What's new:  The latest additions.

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Got any ideas?  Problem with links?  Let me know!  E-mail me!  Click on the rat anytime to send mail!

Last updated September 12, 2004