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All CHUCK TAINE, BOUNCING BOY, LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES, LEGIONNAIRES and related characters, elements, logos, symbols, etc. are copyrights, trademarks, and owned by  DC Comics, and used without permission. This site is not used to make a profit for myself, rather it's purpose is to attract more people to the great comics of DC COMICS.

Quizlet Results

Here are the results for the previous Quizlets, I will No longer be putting up new Quizlets. These are not scientific polls, for instance I happen to know that someone who will remain nameless (but I can tell you he's a Super Boy!) voted about 9 times for Monstress on the first quizlet. I personally voted once for Triad and once for Monstress, to test out the quizlet.


"What Legionnaire or Supporting Cast Member should Chuck Taine end up with?" (Posted: ?, Removed: 7/15/98)

Triad - 26 votes
Dreamer - 26 votes
Monstress - 16 votes
Vi - 11 votes
Tenzil - 8 votes
XS - 7 votes

"If Chuck Taine gains bouncing powers, what name should he use?" (Posted: 7/16/98, Removed: 9/30/98)

Rebound - 42 votes
Bouncing Boy - 27 votes
Ricochet - 13 votes
Other - 3 votes

"Should Chuck Taine Gain Powers?" (Posted: 9/30/98, Removed: 2/6/99)

Yes, he should gain bouncing powers - 84 votes
No, he's fine the way he is - 29 votes
Yes, but not bouncing powers - 14 votes

"Who should Chuck Taine end up with?" (Posted: 2/6/99, Removed: 5/29/99)

Triad - 37 votes
Monstress - 37 votes
Violet - 33 votes
Dreamer - 14 votes
Other - 14 votes
XS - 0 votes


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