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Lina: Greetings and welcome glad to see you could make it been awhile since anyone as interesting as you has stopped by so its a good thing your here ne..?

Zelgadis Lina...maybe you should just let then around and help them if they have need of it ...?

Lina: Ohhh all right Zelly... Since Zel has given you feee reign be careful where you go and if you need me just call yell real loud or promise me lots of gold


Through the Portals

The Library
enter here to fing my fanfic as well as others
The Rose Garden
This is my area dedicated to Lina And Zelgadis as a couple
The Magic Portal
Enter here to go to my Role Playing Page ...
Teleport Where...?
My links to other things
The Record Keeper
stop in here and sign my guest book....
The Kitchen
Here you can find recipes as I do so love food ;)
Lina_Graywords send all e mail here...

This sight in Zelgadis' Ring of Power is owned by Lina Graywords.
Want to join the Ring?
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