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Jason Lingard
5055 W. Stoker Ln #103J
Boise, Id 83703
AOL IM SCREEN NAME: lingardjusa


Hi- My name is Jason Lingard. I am 24 years old, and live in Boise, Id. I am a senior at Boise State University, pursuing a degree in Elementary education with an emphasis on Special Education. College is fun! I am the V.P. of A.M.A.S. (Alternative Mobility Adventure Seekers) It is a club with the philosophy that differences don't matter when it comes to recreation!


I love to ski! I've been skiing for almost 17 years! It has been a real blessing to be able to enjoy a sport AND enjoy the outdoors! Thanks Rec. Unlimited!

being with friends! Hi y'all :0)

I also like computers! (building my own webpage... it's a dead giveaway!)

probably my most important hobby is being with those that make me most happy, and doing those things that make me most happy. The above is just a sample!


MOM: Meryl Lingard DAD: Paul Lingard STEPDAD: Dave Brandt STEPMOM: Cyrese I have 5 brothers: Ryan 21 Scott 19 Uriah 14 Taylor 12 Corbin 1 year, 2 months, 14 days-- and all my other relatives-- hi everybody :0)



Josh R.

Josh M.

Roxie (VP of AMAS)



Jorja, Morgan, and the rest of the Jankowski family

The Parr family

Jenny and Jeramie


Betty and Ty Kirkpatrick

Josh and Jessica Roest

My Links

  • Roxie's Page
  • Hotmail
  • yahoo
  • I love furbys!
  • My school
  • BSU sports
  • My City- Les Bois (the city of trees)
  • movies
  • Rec. unlimited
  • Disabled Sports Association

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