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Augsburg, Germany


View of the Augsburg train station from our first apartment in the Holiday Inn

Side view from our apartment balcony

One great thing about the Army is the friends you make.

John and Sue Troutman

Gary Adams and Jerry (Ok, Jerry didn't wear glasses---he tried on Lisa's for the picture!)

Jerry broke his neck in January of 1975. He waited until Lisa got there to have the operation to remove a piece of bone from his hip and have it fused between two of the vertebraes in his neck. He was in the hospital for one week. It was the week the Boston Red Sox gave the World Series to the Cincinnati Reds in the seventh game of the series. We watched it in the hospital.

October 75: Jerry in his new body cast.

He was in this cast for six weeks.

Once the cast was removed, Jerry came home and took 3 baths, one after another!

Finally-----no itching!!!

Eating with this thing on was almost as interesting as with the cast! The cat on his shoulder was called Patches.

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