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Cramsession Sheets...

Exchange 5.5
IE Explorer 4.0 Admin Kit
IIS 4.0
Networking Essentials
Proxy Server 2.0
SMS 1.2
SQL Server 6.5 Admin
SQL Server 6.5 Implementation
SQL Server 7.0 Admin
Windows 95
Windows 98
Windows NT in the Enterprise
Windows NT Server 4.0
Windows NT Workstation 4.0

All the Cramsession sheets in ZIP format

Request for Comments...

Most common RFC's in ZIP format


RFC# Common Name Description
768 UDP User Datagram Protocol
791 IP Internet Protocol
792 ICMP (ping) Internet Contorl Message Protocol
793 TCP Transmission Control Protocol
816 TCP retries & Triggered Response Fault Isolation and Recovery
826 ARP Address Resolution Protocol
950 Subnetting Internet Standard Subnetting Procedure
951 BOOTP Bootstrap Protocol
1000 The RFC Reference Guide  
1002 NetBIOS over TCP NetBIOS on TCP/UDP
1055 SLIP Transmission of IP Datagrams over Serial Lines
1112 IGMP Host Extensions for IP Multicasting
1157 SNMP Simple Network Management Protocol
1179 LPD Line Printer Daemon Protocol
1212 MIB Concise MIB Definitions
1213 MIB II Management Information Base
1531 DHCP Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
1533 DHCP DHCP Options and BOOTP Vendor Extensions
1534 DHCP Interoperation Between DHCP and BOOTP
1541 DHCP Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
1542 DHCP Clarifications and Extensions for BOOTP
1547 PPP Point-to-Point Protocol
1661 PPP The Point-to-Point Protocol
1883 IPv6 (128 bit TCP/IP) Internet Protocol, Version 6

Where and How to get New RFC's

Brain Dumps...

These are a collection of the most currently useful Brain Dumps as of June 1999. They are in ZIP format.

Networking Essentials
NT in the Enterprise
NT Workstation
NT Server
IIS 4.0
Windows 98
SMS 1.2
Exchange 5.5
IE 4 Admin

Testing Software...

Microsoft PEP Tests - a collection of tests provided by Microsoft to help prepair for your MCSE exams.

Transcender Exams - Simply the best testing software available. Worth the money if you can afford it. They have demos on nearly every test engine they make.

Where to get them...

Transcender Exams - How to fix them

(These only work in 95 or 98)

Nedstat Counter