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24 Aug 2000

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Name of breed: Boxer
Class: Working
Size: Height: dogs 57-63cm (22.5-25in); bitches 53-59cm (21-23in). Weight: 23.8-31.9kg (53-71lb).
Coat: Short, glossy and smooth.
Colors: Fawn or brindle with any white markings, not exceeding one third of ground color. 

The Boxer traces back to the Mastiff-type dogs taken into battle against the Romans in the Cimbrians, a Germantic tribe. The breed was first exhibited in Munich in 1895, and a Boxer was registered by the American Kennel Club as early as 1904. However, it was not until after the First World War that the Boxer was introduced into Britain. Within a few years, the breed had attained immense popularity worldwide.

Character and care

The Boxer is affectionate and usually good with children. This obedient and loyal dog also makes a good guard. It is, however, a very strong dog and is not averse to a scrap with its fellows. It needs a reasonable amount of exercise, and its short coat is easy to care of.



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