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On Saturday 2 November 1996, Jocasta played Whipround at Warwick University. I was one of the crowd, out for a good laugh and a few beers at the start of the second month of my university life. I can remember being very impressed with the band, along with a lot of my new-found friends who all agreed that they had talent. A couple of them even managed to get autographs. However, being a regular Saturday night jaunt, the band didn't cross my mind again for a while.

That was, until early last year. I can recall being in bed one morning when the song 'Go' was blasting out of my stereo and remembering about the band we saw a few months ago. I decided to investigate at Easter, and put a close friend on the case of buying the single. Upon hearing it again, I decided that it really was one of the best sounds I have ever heard, and as soon as money allowed, bought all the records I could find.

At the start of July, I finally had enough spare cash to purchase the album, 'No Coincidence'. Excited about getting home from work and playing this, I scanned the Web looking for sites to do with the band. All I found was a couple of interviews and some very minor mentions. They were not even mentioned on the Epic Records web site, which I thought was rather odd.

A quick posting to later, and I discovered that the band had been dropped from the label on the day of the album's release! Getting worried, I thought immediately that the best thing to do would be to set up a web site of my own, for people to visit and share their thoughts on the band. And here it is! Please enjoy!

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