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From Tristin Norwell on Tuesday 11 May 2004
Long time between drinks I know, but check out tim's new website (not quite finished) here:
He is releasing the single "Walking through Walls" on May 31st, and his new album "Lokutara" on June 14th. Look out for the 3 page NME feature late may, and features in Q-Mag & Rocksound in June... Cheers Tristin

From Rob Winder on Wednesday 23 June 1999
Hi Andrew. Long time no contact... but here is some Jocasta related news if you are interested....Saw them all in the last few weeks... various gigs... Tim - has just signed a publishing deal with V2 and is demoing a new album at Rockfild in Wales. Adrian - has a band with Jack and Jacks brother... currently writing and demoing. Also running a studio and session agency with his brother. Jack - in band with adrian. Andy - in new band with Willie Dowling (ex Honeycrack) called SugarPlumFairies... I am running the website there are some sound samples (MP3) there. Gigs are coming soon. later rob

From Richard Melia on Monday 16 February 1998
Hi Andrew.. Finally I found a site dedicated to Jocasta! I have written one myself, but haven't got around to uploading it yet. Anyway. You want the lyrics for Trapped and Try It, well here they are, as transcribed by me... Glad I could help such a worthy cause. And I'll stick my site up soon. If you need anything Jocasta related, mail me: I have everything they've ever released after seeing them on the same tour you did (in Reading) Rich

From Sharif Shahwan on Monday 19 January 1998
Hi Andrew, I have a show on the Radio Station here in Aberystwyth and I interviewed Tim Arnold when the band supported Honeycrack here in Late '96 / early '97 (I forget when exactly). He also did a solo live acoustic session for my show. If you like, I *May* be able to send you a tape of the interview, depending on what the station says regarding copyright. If not, then I could transcribe it for you. I'll also see about getting you the session, but that is quite unlikely as I'm sure you can guess. The only thing I could do for definite there would be for you to come into our area (Mid-Wales) and I could repeat the session tracks for you to record off the radio, but that might be going a bit far. We'll see how things go. I can't promise that all this will be done in any sort of hurry, so please don't be expecting everything in a few days, but I will get onto it if you are interested. I really can't remember the date exactly, but if you can get a hold of their past tour dates, then I can tell you that it was on the day of them playing Aberystwyth while supporting Honeycrack, and not their other appearance (they played here once before that time). Anyway, just writing to see if you were intersted Cheers Sharif

From Dr Robert J Winder on Monday 8 December 1997
HiAndrew Ok, the first song at the acoustic show was new - it is called "daily sensibilities " I think that is what Tim said... will check... So onto saturday.. got to the Civic Hall in plenty of time... saw Adrian and JAck in the bar. Chatted. The band have built their own studio and are going to record the album there. They ahve no deal, but interested parties. Hope to tour some more after xmas. The gig - a stunner all told. they played Laughing Go Life In A day Hide - a new song absolutely fucking fantastic... CrackBaby Change me and one other that I have forgiotten which will let you know whan I remember. They were tight as anything, really relaxed and seemed to be having a great time. Went down well with a crowd that probably didnt know them before they started. later rob -- The HONEYCRACK Homepage

From Dr Robert J Winder on Thursday 27 November 1997
Hi Andrew, Went to the acoustic show. Was excellent. Played for about 30 mins, first ona bill of three in a very small venue (must ahve held 100 people maximum. Tim, Andy and Jack played. Jack had a electric guil guitar, tim and acoustic and Andy a stand up double bass (sometimes he plucked, sometimes he bowed). They were joined by a chellist for one song and time finished by playing inside out on his own. Adrian was watching and saying that he was happy to be ina band if all gigs were this easy. Didnt get to talk to them much... too many people in tooo smalla space, will see them in Guildford next weekend. later rob -- The HONEYCRACK Homepage

From Dr Robert J Winder on Friday 21 November 1997
Hows work? got a fax that says Jocasta are currently beavering away on their new album to be released in the new year on their new label... but in the meantime you can see them play their final two shows of 1997 First up is a special acoustic show at the 12 bar club in london's denmark street on wed 26 nov next is as part of the line up at Guildford civic hall where they will be treading the boards alongside Daytona (or Rialto as I have two sets of info) bennet and dustball on sta 6 december thought youd be interested later rob -- The HONEYCRACK Homepage

From Sander Huisman on Wednesday 1 October 1997
L.S. I looked up the Jocasta home page after reading the review at It is quite flattering, so.... (and the page does have lots of visitors) Do you by any change know if No Coincidence is released in Europe (or better Holland)? I am having problems finding a copy here in Amsterdam. Can't believe it myself but it is true. Thanks a million if you reply. And good luck with the Jocasta Page. I like the layout (It does not jump from the screen). Sander Huisman

From Andrew Doran on Wednesday 1 October 1997
I've just received a parcel this morning from Map Records consisting of a large amount of rare Jocasta stuff - hopefully most of these will appear here soon. If you're after some records, they're really worth a visit! -- Andrew

From Andrew Doran on Tuesday 2 September 1997
Just thought I'd let you know that whilst shopping in Cardiff with my girlfriend on Saturday, I came across a 'Jocasta : go' t-shirt in the Virgin Megastore. Looks like Epic did promote the band a little, then. I bought it, and as far as I know there's still one left! -- Andrew

From Kieran Patel on Tuesday 26 August 1997
Nice to see that I'm not the only one with a Jocasta site on the Internet. I first saw them at the Phoenix festival last year and I've seen them twice since and they're probably the best live band I've ever seen. Nice page BTW, although I was dissappointed to hear that Epic have dropped them although I was concerned about their lack of chart presence since Go went to 50 in February. I've heard nothing since but I hope someone will sign them up, and that they'll do some more live dates. Anyway check out my site, I think there are some lyrics there that you need.

From Robert J. Winder on Wednesday 6 August 1997
Hi Andy. Like the page... Will put a link from Honeycrack pages when I next upload the rewrites to Geocities. Album release was 16/6/97 I think. Two previous singles. Go and Change me both on v4 records will send details soon... please remind me. Do you use word for windows ? if so ill send my interview with tim... Are the cover pictures not up yet? I think I have a couple of pther pictures taht i can scan. Good to see a page for one of my favorite bands. later rob -- The HONEYCRACK Homepage

From Andrew Doran on Tuesday 5 August 1997
Welcome to the messages section! Please feel free to send any messages here using the link above and it should appear here soon. I'm sorry it's not automated (yet) but I'm working on it! --Andrew
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