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Monday 21 April 2003
Temporary Band page to stop the 404 and to show that the site isn't dead. Thinking about CSSing the site and may also prune the dead links.

Wednesday 21 June 2000
Miscellaneous tidying up of the website.

Wednesday 11 August 1999
Setup Jocasta E-Mail.

Thursday 17 June 1999
Site moved to Tripod under the watchful eye of Macca.

Thursday 26 February 1998
Link added to Richard Melia's Jocasta site.

Monday 16 February 1998
Added the lyrics to Trapped and Try it kindly provided by Richard Melia.

Wednesday 1 October 1997
Added another link to a fantastic review of the No Coincidence album at Indie World (now sadly defunct).
Wednesday 3 September 1997
New interview added to the Links page, and a rather bizarre one at that! Also placed a couple of 'needed' requests for 'Trapped' and 'Try It' on the Lyrics page.

New pic of the band added to the Gallery.

Thursday 28 August 1997
I've added a web counter! I know there's a million and one of these floating around the web, but I wanted some idea of how many people were viewing the site. Local statistics just gave me a total of how many files were requested each week from my webspace, and I found this to be useless. I'm sure you'll agree that the counter isn't that obtrusive, and it even leads to stats for the page! Well, I'm happy now anyway...

Also, Robert Winder has provided me with information and scanned covers on four CD releases that I was previously unaware of. Thanks again, Rob! They can be found on the Singles page.

Wednesday 27 August 1997
Added new lyrics to Portion Of My Heart, Only No One and The Skin We're In. These were provided by Kieran Patel - cheers. I've added a link to her Jocasta site at The Web Nexus.
Thursday 21 August 1997
Added a new interview kindly given to me by Robert Winder. Thanks Rob!
Wednesday 20 August 1997
Added a review of No Coincidence from Q magazine to the links page.
Tuesday 19 August 1997
Added credits for a couple of images to Retroactive Baggage. Also added a link to a new review of No Coincidence.
Thursday 7 August 1997
The video link now works - I have no idea where that file got to! Also added the timing information for the 'Go' promo.
Wednesday 6 August 1997
Site goes live. Fixed a couple of silly filename problems pointed out by Robert J. Winder (cheers!).
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