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Where to go, What to see

Early Aerosmith
Before getting REAL famous
Clubs & First Contract
Toxic Twins Battle On
Steven & Joe & Drugs
Do It Or Die
Getting Off The Drugs
Life's Getting Ready To Crumble
Meeting Tim Collins & Cleaning Up
Their first album For Geffen
Done With Mirrors Flops
We're On Top Now
Permanent Vacation saves them all
They Live
Nine Lives cd & Tour
My Sunridge Site
Making Money With Instant Lottery Tickets

My Aerofriends have visited me times

Life's Is A Journey, Not A Destination

Sit down, relax and get ready to go into the land of Aerosmith. This is going to be a story, mostly in pictures. I will take you back to the beginning and all the way through today. There will be the good parts and the bad parts, the up's and the down's and of course there will be the fight to end all fights. In this corner, Joe Perry and in the other corner, Steven Tyler. Better known as the Toxic Twins. We will see their marriages, the births of their children but best of all, the birth of one of Rock & Rolls most endearing bands, Aerosmith!! Ok, lets get ready to go kids, it's gonna be a bumpy ride.