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The Monou Family Photograph Album

A Fuuma/Dark "Kamui" Image Gallery

Note: This is a collection of my favorite pictures that I've gathered from around the 'Net. If you were the one who originally scanned these pics, give me a note, and I'll give you credit or take them down. All artwork is copyrighted by CLAMP, and is being used without their permission.

Fuuma Alone

Fuuma with Bloody Wings

Fuuma in an X Promo


Fuuma in Blue

In my opinion, Fuuma's hair has gotten a lot better as X has progressed. It's a lot less spiky, and looks almost flexible now.

The Two "Kamui"s

Kamui and Fuuma

Kamui and Fuuma in Shrouds

X Promo Poster

Has anyone else noticed Dark Fuuma's fascination with Kamui's neck? First X8, now the promotional pics. He has a definite neck fetish going here….

More Pictures

Fuuma in his Kendo Outfit- Isn't he kakoii? The color scheme in this is more pastel than CLAMP's other work.

Fuuma and Kamui with the Shinken- Very Caballah/Hebrew-inspired…

Fuuma and Kamui as Kids- Wai! Kawaii! ^_^

Kotori Monou- Fuuma's sister and Kamui's childhood sweetheart…

Fuuma and Kotori- The siblings together, before the end…

Kyougo Monou- Fuuma's father, the priest of Tokagushi Shrine…

The Dragons of Earth- The "Kamui" of the Dragons of Earth almost looks like his old self here…

Dark "Kamui" with Leopard- He looks sooo evil!


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