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Adoption Lists Resources

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This group is for prospective or adoptive parents only. We discuss the process of adoption, the emotions, we provide answers, we share support and resources. Only moderated when you first join to prevent spam and trolling.
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This list has been developed as a place for families who are waiting to adopt to benefit from the experience of those who have already adopted or have experience with adoption. Discussion should be limited to topics that help families and children connect; ie waiting children, experience with agencies, facilitators, lawyers and birthmothers. Different types of adoption; ie domestic, international, special needs and open adoption. Possible available situations. Homestudys and costs associated with adoption. Laws and regulations. In general, any subject that will enable families and children to find each other is ok. A lot of available children are posted to this list and adoption agencies and facilitators are encouraged to list available children and discuss their fees and programs.
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This is a support group for Adoptive Breastfeeding Mothers and Mothers to be, Wet-Nursing women, Re-lactating after weaning women. A support group to help women know and believe in themselves. A place to find support, encouragement, information, experience and all around understanding of what it means to breastfeed the infant in need.