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Here We Grow Again!;
our (hopefully!) second blessing

Thanks for stopping by! In this page we will chronicle our second adoption experience. We do this to share updates with our friends and families. We also hope to help others interested in bringing second child into their family through adoption by showing them how our second adoption progresses. This site will concentrate on the updating of our homestudy.

You are also welcome to stop by "Our Adoption Diary" if you have not. In that site we chronicle our first adoption. And as always, don't don't pass up our Our Adoption Links...specially those to adoptive breastfeeding/induced lactation!

E-mail any information which you think will help us.

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Top Five Hot Buttons Not to Push!
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Read this little write up from an adoptive father describing his wife's efforts towards breastfeeding their son (scroll towards the bottom of the page) or about an interesting story about a policewoman breastfeeding an abandoned child!

March 9,2001--Application We have completed the homestudy application and Fed-ex'd it this afternoon Woo hoo!. This after some very vivid flashbacks of paper chasing, this time with our much loved daughter Nicole at our side!

Gathering the documents required had a somewhat frantic familiarity, but was much easier this time since we still had them from our first time. Today is Friday so the documents should reach the office by early Monday morning.


March 12, 2001--Home visit and interviews The agency's social worker (SW from now on) called this afternoon to schedule the home visit. She will also conduct the required interviews at this time...much different than the first time where it tooks weeks for the interviews to be completed.

She suggested the visit be on Monday (19th), but we had to reschedule (Awww shucks!bummed about that, but it can't be helped and we really need more time to prepare the home anyway!). Instead it is scheduled for Friday (23rd). Meanwhile, we are also gathering other documents required; a letter from Nic's pediatrician to confirm that she is in good health and a letter from our insurance carrier verifying that any child that joins our family through adoption will be covered. It is the law, but the agency requires this letter anyway. It is a good idea all around since we learned (from the first time around) that we had to notify them within 30 days of the child being placed in our home, otherwise the coverage would be affected...don't know exactly how and don't wish to find out!


March 23, 2001--Home visit


April 2, 2001--Letter format I called SW about pending information on the new format for the "Dear Bparents" letter. She is due to mail that tomorrow, along w/the previously requested (past) newsletters. Apparently they owe us the current one too, they may have overlooked placing our names in the list What!*sigh*

The director has also approved the quarterly "waiting parents" seminar requirement to be taken at another local facility Yessss!. We do, however, have to find it ourselves and the discussion topics has to be centered around "parenting, bonding and adoption." We will have to get a letter from whichever agency we find to provide these seminars confirming such.


April 7, 2001--We have formats!...sort of We didn't only receive one letter from SW, but two! We guess she decided to send another one after she had mailed the first. We really like them, however there are very different. Essentially they include the "Dear Birthparent" letter w/quite a bit of photos in scrap book style; reminds us a lot of the picture album scrap book that we did the first time around (dd's bmom kept it! . At this point we get the idea that pretty much anything goes, but will call SW to inquire about any written guidelines. As much as we like the new format, it will require a lot of work! We also received the newsletters.

No progress on the mission to find a local facility to provide the required seminars.


May 15, 2001--Profile to be viewed SW called today and informed us that she wanted to show our profile (non-existent at the time *yikes*...well except for two scrap book type pages of pics) to a ((((pbmom)))) who is due in August. Pbfamily (a Caucasian couple) will be presented w/profiles next week (Thursday). She asked to primarily see profiles from pafamilies that already have at least one child at home (that's us...along w/others).

Now having said all that I do not have any illusions that we will get selected. Don't know exactly why not, but just know it. I am not disappointed though...just being considered is enough right now. Please pray for this (and all) pbfamilies having to consider such a difficult decision.


October 4, 2001--We have a son! SW called this morning and left a message...for us to get in touch w/her. We call and find out there is a baby boy that was born on October 1 and is ready for his forever! We will be meeting him and bringing hime home tomorrow!


October 5, 2001--Noah is home! The last 24 hours have been very long and hectic, but most of all extremely joyous! We met Noah and brough him home. He did very well on the almost six hour trip home. Actually we made a stop over so that his new family members could meet him...they could wait and neither could we; to show him off! He is beautiful!

Our son, our angel!<br>Follow this<br>to more pictures!
We are so proud of her big sister. She is extremely affectionate with her baby brother and loves to hug and kiss him!


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