Well, my first Rent was in London (Oct 17, 1998).  Funny how simple dates can be remembered.

I was staying for the semester in (basically) a suburb of London and after having been there for a month finally got the courage to go into London (with a friend, of course).  We had been sightseeing and wanted to see something in the West End, but didn't know what.  So we wanted to check a couple places.  I REALLY(!!!!) wanted to see Beauty and the Beast, so we check there.  The discount tickets didn't go on sale for a couple hours so we thought we'd check a couple other places.  Next stop RENT.

I had NO IDEA what Rent was even about.  I'd just heard all the hype 'n' stuff.  We asked at the box office what were the best seats available were.  Row D!  So we were like "We'll take them!"  We didn't think to ask about discount tickets until after we had walked out the door, so we didn't know about the rush seats.

I didn't want to say anything to my friend, but I was disappointed about not seeing B&B!  But I kept quiet (which is unusual for me).  Anyhoo, still kind of sad we arrived at the theatre and took our seats.  The set was funky, I thought.  :oP

I really had NO idea what to expect because I didn't even know anything about the plot.  Well, the show started.  By (literally) three minutes into it I was ABSOLUTELY LOVING IT!!!  By the end of Rent (the song) I was already thinking "OMG I'm gonna have to come back and see this again!!!"

Well, I don't actually remember much of the performance itself.  I mean, I was just blown away and just got lost in the performance.  Incidentally it wasn't until about a month ago I realized I saw MLJ at that performance!  I knew I'd seen a different Collins the second time I went but didn't realize who it was the first time until recently.  And I just discovered that he went to high school about 5 miles from where I did.  It's a small world after all.  :o)

But I digress.  *giggles*  I think I cried in about 4 different places but I'm not sure.  I just  . . . I don't even know how to put it, ya' know?  It's just that whole Rent experience that is so indescribable!!!  Ahhhhhhhh . . .

Well, if you read this far I must say I'm amazed!!!  And "Thank you!"

More coming soon!