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you have arrived at
urksome melody
there's a semiotic disco going on
feel free to mingle
or have a seat on the chaise lounge
Miranda found a fun program on her computer today.

Last Updated 17 Aug 2003

U p d a t e s.F r o m.M i c k o.

17 Aug
For all those Stateside,
Check "Totally Gay" a Wash West Documentary;exclusive soundtrack by Micko.Monday 18th August.

Look out for guest guitar on "Don't look the other way" by Pleasure (Circus Records) - featuring Justine Frischman on vocals.

Plus Si Begg collaboration (nova mute) in not too distant future.

S i t e. U p d a t e s.

17 Aug
Sorry the links section, fanzone, and message board don't work yet. I haven't found a message board that'll suit the needs of the site yet. I'll get working on the links section as soon as I get done with this update totally forgot I hadn't had it done.

The fanzone could be down for awhile, I don't think I transfered files to this computer so I'll get that updated when I go home for Labor Day.

B G d o t C O M.

13 Sept
Micko has sent me a letter saying that he's very sorry in the delay of the official Bowling Green website. And he hopes that it will be up soon! Keep checking back for any information on it!

T w e a k e r.

13 Sept
Not really Bowling Green related, but Chris Vrenna - formerly of NIN is now a part of Tweaker, so click the banner below to head to his website to check out all the cool stuff he's up to.

S e a r c h i n g.

Since I was a bad webmaster, I let all the article links die out. I'm searching for some more, but if anyone finds articles on Micko/Bowling Green, don't hesitate to send them to me! Also, if anyone has a Micko site, or finds one, I'm constantly searching but I may not have found all of them.

N a v i g a t e.
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